15 Top Workout Playlists on Apple Music Right Now And the Best Workouts to Pair with Them

15 Top Workout Playlists on Apple Music Right Now And the Best Workouts to Pair with Them

If you are anything like me, music is the fuel that powers your workout and changes your mood. The playlist you put on can either make or break how you workout. That’s why I am sharing 15 top workout playlists on Apple Music right now and the best workouts to pair with them.

Pairing your workout with the right playlist can give you that extra boost you need to finish it strong. I mean … your post-breakup playlist might not be ideal for your HIIT workout.

Don’t just take my word for it. There is actual science behind how music can help your brain to make your workout better. Tapping into the potential music has can change the way you attack your workout, but it is difficult to know where to start. 

Let me make it a bit easier on you.


I have hand-picked these 15 top workout playlists on Apple Music AND the best workouts that you can pair them with to get started. Each one is selected to get the most out of not only your playlist selection, but the workout itself. 

From pop, rock, hip-hop and more, there is something for everyone in these playlists. Not only that, but there is something for everyone in the workout as well. Find your perfect workout and playlist match! 

#1: Pop Workout

apple music workout playlistI love this one because it doesn’t just have all the hits of today. They put some throwbacks in there and add some remixes in. This playlist keeps a great beat and helps you keep tempo for a faster paced workout. 

I picked this workout to pair because this playlist has a great tempo to run to. It can help you keep moving because there is rarely a lull in the beats. This allows you to smoothly hop from the treadmill to the hamstring work on the floor. 

Favorite Song: “There’s Nothing Holding Me Back (NOTD Remix)” -Shawn Mendes





#2  Home Workout

apple music workout playlistI am obsessed with this playlist! Such a great mix of songs. Although it is a pop playlist, it doesn’t have the same steady beat like the last one. It just has a mix of great songs that will make you say “I love this song!”. This is a great playlist to listen to with friends as you workout, it doesn’t just have to be at home!

I paired it with this my go-to workout, because quite honestly this might become my new go-to playlist. They both have the same vibe to me. Familiar, but still challenging and holds your interest. 

Favorite Song: “Beggin” -Maneskin




#3 Pure Motivation

apple music workout playlistThis is a great “hits” playlist. It features a lot of top songs, but it also reaches back into the past. Honestly I heard a bunch of my personal favorites on there which is why it made my top 5 for the Pop section. If you like songs that are a bit more off the beaten path this playlist is not for you. 

This one would pair well with just about any great workout. I chose this workout because both the workout and the playlist are full of good vibes! A glutes and triceps workout with this playlist will leave you smiling and a bit sore!

Favorite Song: “Astronaut in the Ocean” -Masked Wolf





#4 Good Vibes Ride

apple music workout playlist

This playlist doesn’t have to just be for cycling, even though it is a great set of songs that has a couple of ups and downs. Perfect for a more low-key workout that focuses on feeling the right muscles and full range of motion in movements. Just like the title says, these pop songs are nothing but good vibes and smiles!

Like I said, this playlist is all about feeling good and feeling your movements. That’s why pairing it with a workout that focuses on stability on the Bosu Ball works great. You can let the happy vibes of this pop playlist be just background music as you hoan in on your muscle activation. All you need is a Bosu Ball and some dumbbells! 

Favorite Song: “Stay” – The Kid LAROI & Justin Bieber


#5 Top 100 2021: Fitness

apple music workout playlistIf you are a fan of today’s latest and greatest hits, this one is for you! A mix of both pop upbeat mixes and some of today’s hip hop hits, this one will be like working out to the songs on the radio without the commercials. It is such a great one to have on that will make you popular with all your workout buddies. 

I chose this workout to pair with it because it is one you can do with a couple of friends and have this playlist blaring in the background. Th 

Favorite Song: “Kings & Queens (MOTI Remix)” – Ava Max








apple music workout playlistFor those of you that are into those songs that only can be played at full volume this playlist is for you. A collection of hard rock that is sure to keep your heart rate up even when the workout doesn’t. This genre of music is perfect for lifting the heaviest of weights. Max out day here we come! 

These exercises put together for a workout will help increase your back squat. Pair it with a rockin’ workout like this and you can set yourself to PR next workout!

Favorite Song: “Smooth Criminal” -Alien Ant Farm






apple music workout playlistA mix of hard and alternative rock, this playlist ranges from 70s to today’s music. This playlist will leave you on your toes and wondering what song will come next. This is not your typical workout playlist, but in the best way possible!

I paired this with a workout that you can do anywhere with a couple of weights and the right mindset. If you are anything like me, workouts from home can be a challenge to keep going mentally. The best cure for that is a great playlist! Use this Rock & Reps to keep going when those reps get tough. 

Favorite Song: “Mr. Brightside” -The Killers



#8 ROCK HITS 1980s

apple music workout playlistWhat is more classic than some 80s rock? That electric guitar can power you through any tough workout. 

Try these high intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts to pair with your 80s hits! With beginner, intermediate and advanced versions, you can tailor them to your fitness level. And the rhythm of these songs will fuel your fast paced movements helping you break a sweat and crush your workout.

Favorite Song: “Back in Black” -ACDC








apple music workout playlistI have been a HUGE fan of this one for my workouts lately. It has all the great qualities in a good playlist. Keeps a great beat, hard-hitting and pushes you when you need it the most. I may not be a fan of all of the lyrics used, but setting your app to play clean versions helps! Regardless, the hip-hop beats will give you that extra jerk forward to crush your workout.

A playlist that hits as hard as this one pairs perfectly with a workout that hits your legs hard. That’s why I chose this leg-crushing interval workout. Although this workout was done with a partner, the intensity doesn’t leave much room for chatting. This playlist will fill the silence with some great beats to finish your workout strong! 

Favorite Song: “Whoopty” -CJ




apple music workout playlistYou know that feeling when you leave work on a Friday and are ready to go hang out with friends? This playlist just embodies that feeling. And there is nothing better than channeling that energy in your workout! This playlist has nothing but the latest hip hop hits that will guarantee to hype your workout up. 

A workout that is as tough as an AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) requires a playlist that keeps energy up the whole time. AMRAPs are usually done in a time crunch and keep high intensity. That’s why I paired it with a high intensity playlist. These two just pair perfectly together.

Favorite Song: “What’s Next” -Drake




Playlist: https://music.apple.com/us/playlist/gymflow/pl.ae7c5093e09e49bcb60ec2a1fa2eec24

The name doesn’t lie here. Want to get into a flow state in the gym? This playlist will do just that. If rap is your thing, this playlist will have everything you need to want to get into the gym now. Chalk-full of songs that fuel your adrenaline and bring intensity. 

This lower body interval workout is just as intense as this playlist. Not for the faint of heart. All you need to do for this workout is get in the gym, pop your headphones in and crank the volume to 100. 

Favorite Song: “Hot (feat. Gunna)” -Young Thug



So maybe you’re not into the pop playlists and rock and rap go a bit too hard for you. I love a good country mix! But just because you like country doesn’t mean you don’t like a good sweat. Check out these great country playlists that give you backwoods vibes in the gym.



apple music workout playlistFull of today’s great country hits, this playlist can not just fuel your run but can be a great addition to any workout. 

I chose this workout because I really feel like they are on the same wavelength. Both fill can be enjoyed with friends and fill you with endorphins! What could be better than this combo?

Favorite Song: “Drunk (And I Don’t Want to Go Home)” -Elle King & Miranda Lambert






apple music workout playlistThe last playlist might have been a little bit slow for you. Let’s add a dash of what gives all of us a bit more energy, caffeine! This country playlist just adds a little bit of pep in your boot-walking step. 

Try out this 30 minute total body workout with this playlist! The workout is challenging but doesn’t require someone yelling in your ear in a song. You can get where you need to go mentally and physically with a bit of country caffeine!

Favorite Song: “Almost Maybes” -Jordan Davis






Not every workout is run at full speed, lift the heaviest weight or push to the point of exhaustion. For those days when you need to get moving or you have a pilates or yoga workout, chill playlists might be more on your vibe. Check out these playlists that keep it mellow.



apple music workout playlistI am a sucker for some chill songs. I love good lyrics paired with a soothing melody. This playlist has just that. Don’t let it fool you, it still brings some great music that is on today’s top hits. Perfect for the days when your workout is focused on the movements. 

My mind immediately went to this core and mobility workout when I thought of this playlist. The workout is all about doing full range of motion on your movements and feeling your core. Feel the music, feel your core and get moving! 






apple music workout playlistIf your music taste ranges beyond the 2020s, this playlist keeps it mellow but brings in some throwbacks. From Earth, Wind & Fire to Adele to Aretha Franklin, there is something for everyone here. Throwing this one on shuffle will keeping you guessing as to who you will hear next, but always will bring the good vibes. 

I paired this playlist with a pilates-inspired workout that will leave you feeling strong, yet still flexible. With focuses on core and hip mobility, this 30 minute workout is a great way to get moving all from the comfort of your yoga mat. 






Whether you are into hard core rock or soft indie, Apple Music has playlists for you and whatever movement you are tackling today. These 15 playlists can fuel your workout to take it to new heights. Try these other tips for using the power of music to change your exercise routine. 













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