The Relationship Between Golf & Fitness

We frequently get asked “how can I hit the ball further”. And “how can I generate more power and speed within my swing”. We aim to answer those questions and more.

This is the first in a short series that will give you our result proven PureForged Method. All too often people try to “re-invent the wheel” as it pertains to training philosophies/methodologies. We will show you what works. For any skill level. From PGA pros to beginner golfers, without anything extra thrown on top.


  1. Pain Free Range of Motion (flexibility and mobility)
  2. Stability within Range of Motion
  3. Strength and Power within Range of Motion

Every person who comes in our doors starts with the PureForged Method. You cannot truly succeed at step 2 or 3 without accomplishing step 1. If you do, you will greatly inhibit your maximum potential. Week by week we will focus on each step and give you specific exercises to implement immediately.

This is your start to playing golf pain free, generating more power and hitting the ball farther. You have to talk to Andy in regards to where the ball ends up!

Get started by reading about Golf Fitness Flexibility and how to achieve the specific flexibility required for a smooth golf swing. A surprise bonus is that this flexibility will also help you in everyday life!

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