Recently we discussed the importance of Range of Motion (ROM) for the golf swing. Read that article here. Now, we will touch base on how to give stability within this new ROM. It is imperative that once you have ROM you give the muscles the stability required to use this new ROM. Below will outline four simple exercises to give you the next step towards gaining power and speed in your golf swing. 

Stability within Range of Motion

Your legs must be the main power source within your golf swing. They hold your biggest muscle groups and can generate the most power. Stability and strength in your legs will help you to load the posterior chain and be more efficient in the golf swing. By choosing not to focus on the ROM and stability at your legs you are leaving out a very large percentage of power. Which in this situation means DISTANCE.

Read through the exercises, descriptions and recommended repetitions for our four standard lower body stability exercises for golfers. There is a short video included at the end that gives you a visual understanding of these exercises. Enjoy and get to work! The courses in Wisconsin are opening up!


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Stability Workout

Lateral Band Walks (20 Steps Each Way) 

Place the Hip Circle right above the knees and get into an athletic stance of shoulder width feet, bent knees, extended hips and flat back. Maintain the athletic stance and take 30 lateral steps one way and then 30 steps back. This exercise will get your glutes firing, which is a key component to loading posterior chain and creating more power in your swing.

Forward & Backward Band Walks (20 Steps Each Way)

Place the Hip Circle right above the knees and get into an athletic stance of shoulder width feet, bent knees, extended hips and flat back. Maintain the athletic stance and take 30 steps forward and then step 30 steps backwards. This exercise will keep your hips as strong as possible again to help with faster club speeds.

Wall Sit with Band Pulses (20 Pulses)

Place Hip Circle right above knees and set yourself against a wall in a squat position where your butt, back, and shoulders are flat on the wall and your knees are bent at 90 degrees. Keep your feet flat on the floor, including your big toe, with the majority of your body weight distributed midfoot/heel and NOT on your toes or balls of your feet. While holding the wall sit position you will drive your legs out into the band, cautious to maintain proper foot and floor contact, and then relax to your starting position. Repeating this pulsing movement 30 times. Again, a great exercise to activate your glutes as a primary muscle group.

Single Leg RDL – Ground and Bosu Ball (10 Reps Each Leg)

Balancing on one leg it is important to keep your weight on your single leg midfoot/heel while taking your opposite hand and reaching and touching just below your knee. Make sure you keep a slight bend in your knee and push your butt straight back while keeping your back nice and flat.


After you have established range of motion, built up the stability at your hips you are ready for step 3. But before you read about step 3 you need to understand that step 1 and 2 never go away. As you build power you must ensure that your maintain proper range of motion (flexibility) and the proper stability within this range of motion. Neglecting any part of the process will negatively impact your results.


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