Have you ever heard of EMOM workouts? I hadn’t, but I started to see them pop up everywhere. And honestly, I thought they looked easy. Famous last words right? Man was I WRONG!! These workouts will kick your butt.

The tricky part of an EMOM workout is that each exercise has a rep count, but you only have a minute to do each exercise. Whatever time is left in the minute after you have completed your reps is your rest period. So you need to work fast (without sacrificing form) to maximize the time you have to catch your breath!

These workouts are great for when you’re short of time but still want a good workout! I really like to do EMOM workouts after a long day or when I don’t have very much motivation because I can tell myself I am going to do 4 rounds of 5 exercises and know that I will be done in exactly 20 minutes!

How to do an EMOM Workout

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Like I mentioned above, you have 1 minute to complete the reps for each exercise and the time left over is your rest. So, getting the reps done fast will increase your heart rate. I like to track my heart rate using my apple watch, it allows me to track my steps, exercise, calories burned, and so much more!

Each of the next 10 workouts is made up of 5 or 6 exercises. You should repeat each set of exercises 3 to 5 times for a 15-30 minute workout! You only need three things for these workouts: space, a stopwatch and the discipline to get it done!

Take a look below for the fast and effective workouts you can start doing today! Tag us in your workouts on Instagram to be featured 💙.

Full body EMOM Workouts

These workouts are super quick and will target your full body! During workout number one you will be working your glutes, quadriceps, pectorals, latimuss Dorsi muscles, and your lower abdominals. Workout number two will focus more on rotational core and triceps, but still glutes and Quadriceps. All you need for this workout is a small space to move around in! Maybe a yoga mat if you are on hard wood or cement. EMOM workouts are a high pace style of exercise. So this workout will definitely get your heart rate up and make you work up a sweat. Do four rounds of each of these five exercises for a 20 minute full body workout! Take a break between rounds if you need to but keep it less than two minutes.

Workout #1

  • 40 air squats
  • 25 push-ups
  • 10 burpees
  • 25 v-sit tucks
  • 40 mountain climbers

Workout #2

  • 30 plank openers
  • 20 forward lunges
  • 30 single leg v-up
  • 40 squat & squat jump
  • 20 tricep push-ups

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What I Use for an EMOM Workout

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