Easy Green Smoothie with Protein To Keep You Full

Easy Green Smoothie with Protein To Keep You Full

This is one of my favorite smoothie recipes because it keeps me full. A huge bonus is that my son loves it too! As many mom’s know sometimes feeding ourselves starts to fall down the importance scale. This recipe is packed with greens, protein and fiber. Great for energy!

And since I am in training for my third IronMan, fast, nutrient packed snacks are necessary. This smoothie checks my mom and athletes boxes!

Kid friendly green smoothie


  • 1 Scoop Pure Choice Whey Protein Powder – Vanilla or Unflavored
  • Large Handful Spinach
  • 1/2 Cup Oat Milk (add 1/2 cup water if you like a thin smoothie)
  • 1 TBSP Chia Seeds
  • 1 TBSP Hemp Seeds
  • 1 TBSP Ground Flax Seed
  • 1 Cup Frozen Mango (or use ice for less sugar)

I am a huge fan of Pure Choice Farms whey protein. The quality of the product and the brand are second to none. My favorite thing about this protein, besides it being a small business, is that it is a food grade protein, not a supplement.

So what is the difference?

Well food grade means there there is nothing added to the whey. Commonly when you buy protein it has ingredients like amino acids added, making it a supplement. Not Pure Choice Farms whey protein.

It is also a cold filtered whey protein isolate making it of the absolute best quality. Minimal ingredients, high quality manufacturing process, small business … check, check, check. Head over to their website and check them out. Use code purefitness for free shipping!

Green Smoothie Ingredients


I use a single serve smoothie attachment for my Ninja. When you use this type of a blender I think the order you fill your cup matters. Here is what I did.

Frozen mango, all seeds, protein powder, oat milk and then greens. Put the top on, flip and blend!

Other than that there is nothing to it! The recipe doubles well and kid approved. Mix your kid’s favorite fruit and you’ll have a crowd pleaser.

Green Smoothie Keeps You Full


The combination of oat milk and the seeds makes for a delicious creamy texture. But I love a THICK smoothie. Some people might prefer this recipe as a smoothie bowl. If you want to thin it out I would add 1/2 c of water.

You can also swap the frozen fruit for ice. This could be a way to reduce sugar, but it will change the taste profile. Mango definitely gives this smoothie some sweetness. You can add stevia as a sweetener if you are looking for something simple.

And, of course, you can do any fruit that you prefer. I just happen to love mango.

Remember to check out Pure Choice Farms and use the code purefitness at checkout.

Green Smoothie Keeps You Full

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A Smoothie A Day Keeps the Doctor …

A Smoothie A Day Keeps the Doctor …

Have you ever been browsing around Pinterest and saw a handy graphic or chart guiding you on your next project? Of course you have. Otherwise you have never been on Pinterest before. I have done PLENTY of these charts with wild success. However, I have been curious about the smoothie charts that suggest you can wildly pick any combination of ingredients and make a smoothie that tastes good.

I can’t help but be cynical. If that was true about cooking, then why have I made so many unpleasant dishes by experimenting with the contents of my refrigerator?

Now that you know I am skeptical. Let me tell you want I did.

With a stroke of genius I rounded up two trust taste testers, Annie & Jane, to come on this journey with me. I was not feeling brave enough to go alone. We took the below chart from Pinterest and set out to test the ability to make a delicious smoothie. It was a beautiful sunny day in the summer … it felt like everything was on our side.

Spoiler Alert – we were not successful.

What We Made

After a brief discussion of how this chart was a trap – how can any two items make a good green smoothie? We decided on the recipes we would follow and promised to try each one. No matter what.

  • Jane picked the first smoothie as an 🍏 apple, peach, & kale mixed with half water and half orange juice. I think she picked apple because she brought it 🙂
  • I picked a 🥝 kiwi, banana, kale smoothie mixed with half water and orange juice. There was zero doubt in my mind that a banana had to be included in order for the smoothie to get the proper texture.
  • Annie started the rouge movement by selecting 🍊 orange, pineapple & spinach mixed with water. Oranges in a smoothie? Felt odd to me.
  • We wanted to really challenge the chart by not selecting a fruit at all. 🥒 Cucumber, celery & spinach mixed with half water and orange juice.
  • Papaya was alluring to all of us, so we had to make one. Hence the 🍑 papaya, peach and kale smoothie.

Now, when I see the pretty pictures and read the ingredients I am not horrified. I remember feeling confident in the chart, except for the cucumber smoothie. I wanted to believe that all of these would turn out delicious and that making smoothies really is this easy.

At this time I think you should watch our video recap.

Our Takeaways

If you watched the video, you’re welcome. If you are in a hurry and haven’t watched it you are missing out. Actually, if you are in a bad mood you should save this video because it is so ridiculous that it might just cheer you up when you are down. 😂

Outside of quality ingredients to get delicious flavors we think texture and consistency are top of the list. We pulled all the kale and spinach out of my garden – organic and grown locally. We had sourced mostly fresh ingredients that we then froze. Here is what we learned:

  1. Liquid is the enemy in finding a good consistency. Remember you can’t take liquid out. Start off cautiously and add in as needed.
  2. Frozen ingredients are key. They don’t ALL have to be frozen, but at least half should be to give yourself a good texture and consistency.
  3. The banana is the backbone of the smoothie. The ONLY smoothie that blended well, had a good texture was the kiwi banana spinach smoothie. I am 100% convinced that was because of the banana.
  4. Get a good blender. We used a Ninja blender. It was good, BUT I then went out and purchased this Ninja Smoothie Specific blender and it was 1.5 million times better. Draw back to the Ninja Smoothie Blender is that it does NOT fit the other attachments for a larger containers.

Smoothie Recommendations

Now since pretty much everything we made failed completely and entirely we thought we would give you our favorite smoothie recipes.

  • Chellie – Banana, 1 c frozen mango, 3 large frozen strawberries, fill half way up with water/OJ.
    • TIP: “If I am adding protein powder I decrease the amount of frozen fruit to keep it from being too thick or too large.”
  • Annie – 1c water, 1c frozen fruit tropical blend, 1/2c vanilla greek yogurt, 1/4 frozen spinach
    • TIP: “I add 1 scoop of strawberry whey protein powder if I am using this as a post work recovery smoothie.”
  • Jane – 1 c Frozen strawberries, 1/2c greek yogurt, honey to taste & water to preferred consistency
    • TIP: “I like to mix in some orange juice with the water to change up the smoothie every so often.”


If you love strawberries as much as I do, then read this article for 3 strawberry recipes. I share with you my 3 go to recipes for strawberry season. Plus a great smoothie recipe! And for those of you that use smoothies because they are packed full of nutrients and fast you should take a look at my article on quick snacks. These are snacks you can make ahead of time and keep in the fridge for easy access. Pay close attention to the almond joy energy ball recipe – wowzers is that one delicious.

Also, for those of you that like eating and cooking with fresh ingredients check out this collection of recipes for tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini and basil. I have the easiest pesto recipe you can find out there, plus great ways to store your pesto to use all year long.

And to wrap it up you can look at Jane’s healthy treat recipes for some ways to incorporate nutrient dense treats into your day and week. A personal favorite of mine are the peanut butter stuffed date dipped in chocolate. If you haven’t tried dates yet… get started with this recipe.


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3 Beginner Nutrition Tips from a Registered Dietician

3 Beginner Nutrition Tips from a Registered Dietician

Hopefully you landed on this blog because you are looking for some nutritional guidance. Because I, with the help of a registered Dietitian, are going to give you three beginner nutrition tips. They are a great place to start if you are just getting going on your food journey or if you are overwhelmed with the information you have already found.

This post contains affiliate links. I make a commission when you order through one of my links, but there is no increase to the cost you pay.

Changing Your Nutritional Habits

As creatures of habit and routine, the thought of changing up our lifestyle can seem overwhelming and sometimes scary. Especially when it comes to nutrition. We all have our reasons for wanting to change our diet for the better. This often comes with a drastic change in completely eliminating foods we enjoy or extreme cuts in calories. I sat down and interviewed Elizabeth Kasparek, a Board Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics with Sanford Power at the Sanford Sports Science Institute in Sioux Falls, SD to talk about beginning. Although Elizabeth is a Sports Dietitian, she works with every person from middle school to college athletes, or from general population to marathon runners. She has seen a multitude of different people coming through her door asking for the same advice you are seeking here.

Where do I Start?

When it comes to basic nutritional guidelines Elizabeth likes to share with those who ask her where to start. She gave three basic actions to take:

1. Drink more water!

This is just one example of a small change, but a common one everyone can follow. She emphasized that pretty much everyone could use more water in their day not only to help your body feel better, but to help you think sharper. If you are someone who struggles with drinking more, she suggests always having a water bottle in your hand. You can flavor it with a zero-calorie sweetener if need be.

This is one area I am STILL working at. Some days I knock it out of the park, other days … well let’s just say it isn’t good. I have found it helpful to use the same water bottle so I get use a schedule of evenly consuming water. I love hydroflask – this one is my favorite. Water is also important for your recovery between workouts, your level of focus and energy throughout the day and your sleep.

2. Find ways to add a fruit or vegetable at every meal (emphasis on the vegetables)!

Elizabeth said that this is a great place to start when thinking about changing your nutritional habits. She encouraged creativity and customization in this department! Try adding spinach in your smoothie (that’s an easy one!). Or putting steamed broccoli in your mac and cheese (yes, her suggestion!). Or maybe trying something more neutral like mashed cauliflower in your mashed potatoes. 

I personally encourage myself to try a new recipe often. Not just something that I haven’t made before, but something I normally wouldn’t eat. Sheet pan cooking is so convenient and fast I knew I wanted to try it. So I went for a chicken, broccoli, brussel sprout and gnocchi dish. It. Was. Amazing. Big bonus is that it worked in two vegetables into my meal.

3. Build a balanced plate!

When it comes to the basics of a balance plate, Elizabeth talks about half your plate being fruits and vegetables, one fourth carbohydrates (complex preferably), and one fourth protein. This also includes about a teaspoon of fat that could be found in a healthy oil, for example. One meal that she emphasized people forget to do this with is breakfast, in which a lot of high carb meals are found, and protein gets lost. She suggests adding an egg or greek yogurt to the morning mix! Check out the plate example she provided below. 

balance plate for easy training or weight management

I found this example helpful. As a visual person, it struck home. As a former collegiate athlete adjusting my food consumption to my new lifestyle has been a challenge. The fact this these portion sizes are for easy training days and weight management gave me the perspective I needed. If you want to learn more about transitioning to life after college athletics read this.

In this article I share what I learned from reading The Healthy Former Athlete by Registered Dietician Lauren Link. The five main points that you and I can apply to our lives immediately to help the transition move more smoothly. It is also a very relatable book for post collegiate athletes. Giving us the feeling that we are not alone.

Get your copy of the book here!

What are the Take-Aways?

Elizabeth stated that it is what you do consistently that matters. She found through studies she has read that many diets require drastic changes of which the majority end up gaining the weight back eventually. It is about finding healthy habits that you can sustain for a healthy life. She suggests simply tracking what you eat for a couple days and how that food makes you feel!

After talking with Elizabeth, I took away that just like exercise, nutrition is not a one-size-fits all plan. Find sustainable habits that help you feel like you are fueling your body for success. So maybe today you start with drinking one extra cup of water. Tomorrow you focus on adding a vegetable to your dinner plans. Changing your nutritional habits can be overwhelming but focusing on one step at a time can make the challenge a bit less daunting.

Write down your one focus for nutritional habits and remind yourself of it daily. This will help prevent you from being side tracked by trying to do too much at once.


Have you heard of fad diets? Do you know how to identify a fad diet before it’s too late?

It is no secret we are in the age of information. Any question we have on any topic can be searched and within seconds we have thousands of articles with answers. However, we are faced with a challenge. Which information is credible and which is coming from unqualified sources?

This is where fad diets come in. I started typing in Google “what diet” and the top answers were “works best for me”, “is best for losing weight”, and “pill was on Shark Tank”. The world is looking for quick fixes and from sources that know nothing about them or their body type. It is easy to find information that supports your ideas about weight loss. But we must determine what is fact and what is fiction.

To ensure that my information is reliable I looked to registered dietitian, Elizabeth Kasparek, for some insight. She has seen first hand what happens when strict diet and restrictions are held on unhealthy foods. It has been shown that although it works for the time being, eventually people return to their bad habits and gain the weight back.

Yes, some diets work. They get you to lose the weight in the time you want to lose it. But Elizabeth begs you to answer the question, “Why is that number your ‘ideal’ weight?”.

For some this is a weight they had in high school or when they were under a lot of stress and fueling their body was not a priority. Their bodies may be weak, but they hit that magic number on the scale! This is not the case for everyone, but it is something to consider when evaluating your weight loss goals. Are you reaching for a number on a scale? Or a better lifestyle that has you feeling healthy and strong?

Making sure that your endgame or the reason why you are adjusting your lifestyle has your best interest at the forefront is vital. Without a strong “why” the likelihood of succeeding short term or long term is low.


Again, the key is to think about the quick fix. Or should I say STOP thinking about the quick fix.

Elizabeth put it as “what is the diet or diet pill worth to you”? Do you have to make drastic changes and cut out a macro nutrient? When looking at our diet we have to consider whether these sacrifices are sustainable.

This article is not a how-to on weight loss or a road map to getting your beach bod. It is perspective.

I want to offer a perspective on the diet culture with the help of a registered dietician. And I want you to step back and look at your perspective. Double check yourself because no one else is going to do it for you.

Elizabeth talked about when you see dieters or plans on social media. She stated that it is good to consider that they may be getting rid of their other unhealthy habits along with the diet plan they post. Meaning, it takes more than a sheet of paper to get you from A to B. This is an important piece to consider before going all-in on a product you see.

Another way to think of this is, what else will I need to be successful? Often the diet plan is not the only factor.

Elizabeth encourages us to focus on weight loss in a healthy way. It is all about the habits you are forming! Another interesting perspective she posed was the idea of thinking of your family or friends. Would you want them following this crazy diet? And if it is not beneficial for your whole family (i.e. kids, spouse, etc.) is it the best idea for you?


Finding a realistic well-round approach is going to be best. And thats something fad diets wont tell you. You may want to consider how your sleep is impacting your life, health and even workouts. It is probably much more than you recognize. And don’t even get me started on stress and it’s impact on your life. Stress eating is a term for a reason. Finding ways to manage stress will be essential to success. 

Recovery will be another important part of your road to success. You eat well, you sleep well, you are managing your stress levels and you are getting some killer workouts in. Now you may start to feel worn down, or beat up or stiff. That’s likely because you aren’t finding time to recover. And let’s be clear you can feel this way from a long, stressful day at work. So having a go to recovery program can be beneficial. 


This is not to say all diets are frauds. One example that Elizabeth supported was the use of the Mediterranean Diet. She has stated that this has great research behind it! Because it actually is based off of eating habits and been shown beneficial for heart health. But I am saying to beware of big promises and quick fixes. Diet is a long term lifestyle.

As Elizabeth encouraged me to pass along, it is about finding trust-worthy sources. Speak to a local registered dietician. Educate with articles from sources that don’t end in .com. Research thoroughly before trying the latest trend.

I would like to reiterate that I am not here to tell you what diets to follow or what is the best. I am simply giving a different vantage point and encouraging you all to make an informed decision when choosing what fuels your body! Just as I said, we are in the information age. Use it wisely.

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