The Power That Music Has On Your Workout and How To Use It

The Power That Music Has On Your Workout and How To Use It

Have you considered the power that music has on your workout? Do you give it as much thought as your supplements, smart watch and outfit? I am here to tell you that you should be. 

There is so much power in what you are listening to that can help you get the most out of your workout. Can you answer the question, what am I feeding my bran?

There is actually science to this. The chemical ways the beat of the music can influence your mind. The psychological ways that music can impact your mental state.

There is almost an equation to the relationship of music and exercise.

Music + Exercise + Routine = Flow. 

And if you haven’t read 5 Ways Music Can Impact Your Workouts In 2022 then know that flow is state that we would love to be in for every workout. 

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What it’s all about! It has to be music that inspires you and only you. This is going to differ based on what is tied to your memories, what music you listened to growing up, or even just what music releases that dopamine. That is why I cannot go to the gym without my headphones

Even though it is about you and your music, here are my best tips for building your playlist!

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Find lyrics that inspire

We have to listen to a lot of things we can’t control throughout the day. Be sure to choose something that can inspire you to reach your goals in the gym. 


Ride the Rhythm

To be honest, some music that has too fast of a beat can be too much for me. But for others, they can thrive on that. Find a genre or couple of songs that fit your pace. 


Let it build

I for one don’t want to be listening to Eye of the Tiger while I’m doing glute bridges in my warm-up. I love to build up playlists to climb as I am reaching the hardest set in my workout. This just gives me that extra push I need to power through the end. 



the power music has on your workout


In terms of what you do for your workout, I encourage you to do what your body needs that day. We believe in creating a positive relationship with exercise and understanding what it does for your body. Exercise offers physical benefits like heart health and decreased pain to mental benefits like decreased stress and increased confidence.

It is also understood that the more you know about something the more comfortable you are. In our recent articles on tips to get the most out of your workout are some specific technique tips that will help you feel more comfortable and get more out of your workout. 

You can also subscribe to our newsletter and get a workout that is timed completely to the music.

Whatever workout you choose, your music should match the work. For example, I like to listen to slower songs during endurance runs, but during sprints I need fast, intense music. One of my favorites lately has been “Astronaut in the Ocean” by Masked Wolf. 



And this might be controversial, but I am team Apple Music. They actually have playlists that do this for you, if making a playlist is not your jam. Here are three that I am using on repeat.


Pure Cardio

This playlist is a bit more techno and pop. Designed for higher intensity running to keep you going. Pairs well with the style workout that Jane describes in her article about Short Burst Cardio Workouts.

Chellie’s Spotify recommendation – Pop Hits 2000s-2021.


Hip Hop HIIT

If Hip Hop is your jam, like mine, when doing some more intense training, this one is great. Filled with popular hits in the hip-hop genre. 

I broke down HIIT workouts, how to do them better and gave away two different workouts that you can do from anywhere in this article, HIIT WORKOUTS WHAT ARE THEY AND HOW CAN I DO THEM BETTER? 

Chellie’s Spotify recommendation – I Love My 90s Hip Hop.


Country Run

If you are just a country music fan, this one is for you. But I think it is perfect for an endurance run or a chill core workout. Definitely has all your favorite hits from today’s country music. 

Chellie’s Spotify recommendation – Country Running.

If you need a good core workout there are 7 free options for you in this article, 7 Core Workouts Where You Can Feel The Burn – Pure Fitness WI . My personal favorite is the 30 Minute Cardio & Ab Workout! Big plus is that these are all videos, so you can follow along.

Lately I have been loving the Hip Hop HIIT Workout. To me it has such a great beat that keeps my workout moving. I never feel like it slows down or eases up. 

I don’t really listen to the lyrics as much as I feel the power behind the music. Such a great playlist for any intense strength training workout. 

Whatever your genre, workout, or vibe is, there are playlists out there for you!

the power music has on your workouts



Routine and discipline are two of the most important aspects to any workout regime. Motivation comes and goes. But finding a fitness routine that is sustainable for your lifestyle goes far beyond that inspiration quote you read today. 


How To Build A Sustainable Workout Routine 

Motivation and inspiration have their place. They can be useful in remembering why you built this routine in the first place. But establishing a routine using these three tips will help you find the consistency you need and want.


Write it down!

We have pretty much been told this since day one. In school we were told that hand-written was always better than typing. That putting pen to paper helps ingrain information in our heads. 

I am a firm believer in calendars, to-do lists and planners. Writing things down helps hold me accountable. Not just for the things I need to get done today, but for my overarching goals. My monthly objectives. And keeping track of the habits that help me get there. If you need a place to try this technique out, take a look at our journal that helps you do just that. 

PRO TIP: If list-making isn’t your thing, try finding a group (friends, on facebook, clubs,etc.) that you can text with about your goals. Accountability is important no matter what the source is. We have a great fitness community already started for you, join us on Instagram!


Find some balance!

Accountability is key, but unfortunately life doesn’t always turn out perfect. That is why it is important to set realistic goals within these routines. 

I remember reading awhile back that you should try to schedule 1-2 “social” events a week. Doesn’t always mean you are going to a huge party, but start with lunch with a friend or a nature walk with a sibling! 

After all, you are striving for a life that includes a life, not just the gym or calorie counting, right?


Bring the beat in!

So where does music fit into all of this? Although you aren’t going to write down what song you are going to listen to every day of the week in your journal, there are ways to use music as a tool. 

Try incorporating music in more than just your workouts. One way to do this is by kicking off your week with some songs that give you that fresh feeling of starting over. 

My favorite playlist for this is “Monday at Noon” by SoulCycle on Apple Music. An upbeat pop playlist that keeps you going when you’re starting to drag. Try listening to this on your way into work on Monday and see what it does for your mood! (Check out Batman Chill on Spotify!)

Music is huge in my productivity. I have found that when music is used intentionally, it can change the way you work. By choosing songs that regulate our mental and emotional state, we are able to stay in control when the work starts to pile up.  

When I need to get work done or simply need to focus on the task at hand, I like to use slower background music to keep me in the zone. I usually just go to Pandora and turn on Lumineers Radio. Soft, indie vibes help me to drown out distractions and keep my emotional state steady. 

The music you choose doesn’t always have to be the same, but the way you use it has to fit into your routine as a way to push productivity and when needed, rest. 

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Flow is the psychological term that refers to the state of mind in which all our outside awareness of self diminishes and our sole focus is on the task at hand. By using all three of these tools, music, exercise & routine, we are able to find that flow state in our workout. 

Music can be the catalyst behind creating and maintaining a routine that includes exercise as a priority. A routine that helps you function in that flow state for your workouts and for other areas of your life. 

Finding a routine that you can stick with takes the guess-work out of your week. Discovering what music can do to fuel your week takes the emotional stress away. Allowing us to be intentional and disciplined with our actions and live in the present. Leading us to a flow state of mind.

If you haven’t caught on a flow state can be more than just your workout. I can be present in your life. When we have the confidence that we can accomplish a task, we find that sweet spot. The barriers that have previously been holding us back are down. If you have felt this flow you know just why it is so rewarding. 



Find what your music vibe. Identify what music keeps you going and how it makes you feel. 

Set your goals and  find the workout that fits your needs and goals. Try my 32 minute workout timed to songs by subscribing to our newsletter!

Work your realistic routine to meet these goals. 

Find your flow within your workout. That is what will keep you coming back. That is what will get you through the days you just don’t want to. That is what will help you reach your goals! And maybe music has been the missing key that will help you unlock your flow.









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