It has been a few months of running as a mom and I think (and I stress the word think) I have it together. Let’s talk about stroller must haves for new moms.

Figuring out how to run as a new mom was step one. Wrapping my head around running with a stroller, maybe a dog and the physical demands.

There is one way to appreciate running alone. Run with a stroller all the time. You will forever be thankful for the time to run alone.

Then there was the matter of how to execute it. I had to consider when I ate last, when my son slept last and slept next, the weather, do I need toys, what about a snack. Will he be too hot? Could he get sunburn? Man, it felt like more work to go than to sit at home.

But isn’t that always the case.

Once I got over myself. Got out of my own way. I figured this mom running game out. Here are my stroller must haves for new moms.


Investing in a quality stroller is a key to a favorable run. This stroller is 1000% worth it. I can’t imagine running with anything else.

I have included a few of my favorite accessories for the stroller too. I don’t necessarily run with all of this every time, but I use it all weekly. The strap is essential – it will save you from stopping to pick up a toy/cup every 5 feet. And the handlebar console is great for running/walking/events. So handy for you.

I also put in my two favorite training items. A good watch and incredible shoes.

And for those of you that are following along with my.IronMan journey I shared How To Use Interval Training For A Successful IronMan Run and the Mental Challenges of Training for An IronMan As a New Mom.

Cheers to a great run!


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