We created this journal based on how we wanted to use journals in the past. It was our intention to try and combine a journal solely designed to record your workouts with one designed to help you stay focused and prioritize your day.

The simple fact is that we were tired or feeling like we needed more than one journal to get ourselves organized and stay accountable throughout the day. We kept the design simple and functional by trying to provide enough flexible space to fit your needs. And we kept the to-do list to only three items to try and bring a realistic approach to each and avoid over-working or over committing.


daily fitness + food log


Use our journal to track all of your fitness and lifestyle goals!! Every page was designed to make holding yourself accountable a fun experience. Express yourself through color, lettering and embellishments. There is no one way to write in our journal.

You can download 5 of our favorite core exercises here

Or find our favorite glute exercises here

And definitely download our free recovery workout here.



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We like to think that our journal gives your average workout journal an upgrade by helping you understand that your health is fitness, nutrition and lifestyle work synergistically. Focusing on all three as a unit will naturally increase your accountability and results.

Take a look at Annie’s go to workout for an idea of what to do for your first workout in your new journal!


fitness and lifestyle journal


The journal opens up with an opportunity to set clear and definitive goals before flowing into week-by-week daily tracking. At the end of every week there is a space provided for you to make notes, reflect or just let your creative juices flow. Each day provides you with space to record your workouts, your water intake, plan out meals and define your daily intentions.

Take a look at Chellie’s ideas for lowering your morning stress here. Hint – the journal is a part of her system.


daily fitness + food log


We have created a system to help you to be successful. Now it is up to you to put it into practice. Make this journal part of your daily routine by ordering one today. And if you are looking for more tips on setting up a daily routine check out our recent articles on 5 DAILY HABITS FOR POSITIVITY and DAILY WELLNESS ROUTINE.

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