I don’t believe that we as humans can be positive every minute of every day. To me, that is unrealistic. But I do believe we can take actions that will create positivity, stimulate good vibes and spread smiles.

That’s why I make choices throughout my day that I know create positivity for me. My days aren’t perfect and I can certainly be negative. But I find if I am consistently taking action my negative dips are short and manageable. They are less impactful emotionally + physically which means my family is happier and my productivity stays high. They are shorter and less intense which means I can stick to my routine and stay on track.

Here are my 5 actions that create positivity.

5 ways to create positivity


I am one of those people that lays in bed awake thinking of the list of things they want to get done. That list will keep me up at night and ruin the next day for me. Which is why I take a few minutes at the end of my workday or before I go to bed, to prioritize my tasks for the next day.

This gives me a clear vision of how my day will go and allows me to plan out the things that I NEED to have a good day. Like making my bed, working out, having a clean kitchen before I go to bed and sitting in complete silence for at least 5 minutes.

I love to write down my tasks. It gives me a place to refer back to and the satisfaction of crossing it off the list. That’s why I love journaling and using notebooks. They give me an outlet to get things off my mind, organize my day and keep myself accountable.

Our Fitness + Lifestyle journal is one I love using to help me keep a balance in my day. Personally, I can get distracted from the things that make me happy by allowing the things I think need to be done get in the way. Having one place to write down my to do list + workouts puts them on an equal playing field.


To me creating positivity isn’t running around smiling when you feel like crying. It is the result of your actions. Taking a moment each day to remember what you have to be thankful for and approach life with gratitude will create positivity.

Days when I feel like crying. I let myself have that feeling, but I also take time to remember the good things. After many years of practice my tears or frustrations are followed by a flood of thoughts to be thankful for.

I know you are thinking I am making it sound too easy and you aren’t right. There is no simple way for me to sum up what worked for me. And there is no way I could tell you it will work for you. But what I hope we can agree on is that framing your life with gratitude will lift your spirits.

positivity creating habits


In a world that lives for instant gratification I find comfort in long-term goals. It allows me to remember that the sum of my actions daily, weekly, monthly are what will get me to my 5-, 10- and 15-year goals.

I set some big goals at the beginning of the year using our resolution goals. I check in on those goals weekly and monthly. Not to judge my progress, but to keep my focus on where I am going. After all, not every day is rainbows and butterflies.

Long-term goals let me ask myself “does (x) support my goal”? If not, then I likely won’t do it or will stop doing it. And knowing that my actions are working towards my goal is empowering. It promotes a feeling of accomplishment, ergo positivity.



Recently I started sharing 10 minutes of movement on our IG for one simple reason. It helped me. Making sure I gave myself 10 minutes every day keeps me grounded and motivated. I thought it was something I could share to help others.

And when I say movement, I mean movement. That can be a killer workout, a stroll with your dog or mobility work. The objective is to give yourself 10 minutes without having to think about anything else.

Try not to let your worries or to-do lists creep into your 10 minutes. Keep those 10 minutes to yourself. It is also a great time to embrace gratitude if you are having trouble shutting out your thoughts!



Small things in my day have one of the biggest impacts. For example, the 10 minutes of movement. I use that when I am feeling overwhelmed or just don’t have my mojo going. But I also have basic “tasks” that when done keep me feeling calm and focused.

Many years ago I heard that top achievers make their beds every day. At the time I was certainly a last minute out of bed person and making the bed was less important than stopping to get a coffee/food on my way to work. Well, after giving it a go, 5 years later I am attached to making my bed. And I love all the pillows! Mike, not so much.

Another big one for me is clean surfaces. I don’t like a lot of things on top of counters. It just screams chaos to me and serves as a distraction. I like to have my kitchen counters clean before I go to bed. An organized workspace is a must. Unfortunately, this is a routine I continue to struggle with. And the unfinished puzzle on my kitchen table mocks me every morning.

You can read more about setting up a daily wellness routine from Annie’s perspective here. She has some great tips for morning and evening!

5 actions to be more positive


Have you ever heard that before? That you are a result of who you spend most of your time with. I’m here to share with you it was true for me. I have the pleasure of working with two of the most positive and upbeat people I have ever known – Jane + Annie.

No matter how little sleep I got the night before, or how distracted I feel, when I walk in the door and see their smiles and warm welcomes my negativity melts away. Find people who fuel your positivity and never let them go!

I’d love to hear what you do to create positivity in your life. Comment below!

5 positive habits smile

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