More and more I find that I am looking for fast and flavorful meals for my family. This one checks both boxes. My ingredients were from Trader Joe’s, but rest assured you can find something similar at most grocery stores. I honestly put a timer on this meal and it was just under 24 minutes from heating the skillet to platting the food. Let’s make this Trader Joe’s Fast Red Curry Noodle Recipe for dinner!

Pre Time: 0 minutes | Cook Time: 24 minutes | Total Time: 24 minutes

Yields 3-4 servings



  • Thai noodles 16-21 ounces, pre-cooked
  • Stir fry style veggies, pre-chopped
  • Trader Joe’s Thai Style Red Curry Sauce
  • Olive oil
  • Optional: cilantro, scallions and lime


It really doesn’t get easier than this, unless you are calling for pick-up. Everything cooks in one pan so select a large frying pan and put some oil in it. Add your pre-chopped veggies and get cooking.

When your veggies are about 3-5 minutes away from being done add the noodles. This is the hardest part. The noodles take time to warm-up so if you like less cooked veggies add these noodles quickly to the pan. I add them after about 3 minutes of sautéing.

Once the noodles warm-up they become more malleable and that is when you should add the sauce. Reduce everything to a simmer for a few minutes to warm-up the sauce up and serve.

If you want to add a protein I would suggest precooked frozen shrimp that you only have to thaw and warm in the pan. I would add this when I added the sauce to prevent over cooking. Or I would do rotisserie chicken. Once the veggies get going I would work on carving the chicken and then add it in during the simmer just like the shrimp.

Top with lime, chopped cilantro and scallions if desired! Oh, and be sure to do any chopping while the veggies are sautéing for time management.

And this was a hit with Freddy. So if you have a toddler this could be a good meal to introduce the curry flavor.




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