Owning your own training business can be an exciting and yet overwhelming thought. But ask yourself…

  1. Are you committed to the long term?
  2. Does passion and knowledge fuel your desire to work with clients everyday?
  3. Are you looking for more career advancement opportunities?

If you answer yes to those three questions then owning your own personal training business could be the right fit for you and here is why.

Committed To The Long Term

I could tell you something cliché like “nothing easy is worth doing” or “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, but I quite honestly despise those sayings.  What you need to know is any career, and I mean any, where your success rides on your reputation and referrals is always going to require a long-term perspective.

As a personal trainer you need to be thinking 5, 10 and 20 year goals for yourself. No one else is going to make set goals or plan your future. Instead our industry is built on the backs of passionate people who burnout because of low pay, long hours and limited growth potential.

So if you want to make your career as a personal trainer stick you need to think long term goals. And if you think hard enough you will realize that in many cases owning your own personal training business is one of the key steps to take to secure your long-term success and future.

Fueled By Passion and Knowledge

I don’t care what industry or career you want to talk about, success is closely related passion and knowledge. And long-term success is always tied to passion and knowledge.

If you can truly say that you enjoy and WANT to get out of bed everyday to work with clients then you likely have sticking power in our industry. But to be a business owner you have to have one more thing.

You have to have want autonomy and responsibility of the good and the bad. And you have to want to learn because it might be simple to open an LLC, but managing finances and setting yourself up for financial independence requires the same focus and intention you put into your craft as a personal trainer.

Career Advancement Opportunities

Just about every career opportunity I have seen in our industry hits a plateau for one reason or another. Being a business owner gives you control of your career and the ability to break through plateaus, because they will still come.

This isn’t a Madonna moment where you can spend your entire career reinventing yourself. You can continually create the type of work-life balance you want by varying products/services you offer while still maintaining your reputation and relationships.


Pure Fitness is here to offer a new opportunity. We are encouraging personal trainers new, old and part-time to look at a cost-effective way of owning their own business. To take control of the career growth and earning potential.

We offer passionate personal trainers, focused on the long-term, the ability to rent a fully equipped space. Effectively minimize overhead expenses and build the career they want. And alleviate much of the financial risk and stressors associated to business ownership.

Tyler Reed, of Personal Trainer Pioneer, lays out some of the steps and financial implications of starting your own business. But at Pure Fitness we have done most of these steps for you.

Personal trainers renting at Pure Fitness have full control over their businesses. They set their price points, pick their schedules and more. There are no annoying responsibilities like cleaning and towel folding. Instead, personal trainers can focus on their craft, their career and their business.

Plus, we remain a resource for our renters. Sharing knowledge based on our education, time in the industry and personal success. A good example is this blog post on gauging success as a personal trainer.


A monthly lease payment at Pure Fitness covers all overhead expenses, we guarantee there will be no surprises. Rent, internet, cleaning, garbage, landscaping/snow removal, music, utilities and more are all covered in the monthly payment. It also gives you access to your own dedicated, fully equipped training space and a common area with cardio equipment and additional strength training equipment. 

If this opportunity is of interest to you please use the contact form below to learn more.



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