I am here to tell you that getting your workout in can and should be easy. It should not be stressful, or difficult or trigger anxiety. After all, exercise is a stress reliever!

So why then is it easier to skip a workout than to actually do the workout?

In my opinion it has a lot to do with how you frame the workout. What your expectations and perceptions are. And if we can properly regulate our individual expectations and perceptions our workouts become routine, habitual and almost a necessary part of our daily life.

But, why should you care what I have to say?

I have is almost 15 yeas of industry experience as a trainer and gym owner, my personal experience as a human struggling to find balance in my life and a passion to share what I have learned with you. You can read my bio here


easy workouts with personal trainer

I choose to keep a busy schedule and my workouts are MY TIME. They fill my cup up whether I am by myself or with friends. I need the endorphins, the consistency … the feeling of physical accomplishment.

But believe me when I say I use to be frustrated with my workouts. Which is a discouraging and often debilitating feeling. Then I approached them differently. I started to see how my workouts fit as part of my lifestyle, not as an add on that I had to figure out.

I became specific about what I was doing. Then I outlined the amount of time I would need each week. I checked if that was realistic based on the rest of my lifestyle. And right here is where I found out if my perception was in good working order.

It wasn’t. I was setting myself up for failure and frustration. What I wanted was never going to fit into my lifestyle (family, career and hobbies) no matter how hard I tried or how many times I saw other people “doing it”. I needed a more attainable workout plan.


easy workouts with personal trainer

Stop watching other people and comparing yourself.

Let me say this again.


Instead of getting caught up listening to what everyone else is telling you to do, listen to yourself. Have a conversation with yourself about what you want (expectations) and how you can get there (perception).

Give yourself time away from social media and ask yourself why you workout and what you want from your workouts. You will find that your expectations and perceptions start to become your own. They will become clear, and you will feel able to embrace them and follow them.

I found that what worked for me and my clients was simple. Literally, simple, easy workouts. No hype. No one-upping. Just consistently showing up (for myself) and putting in the work.

The best part is these simple workouts were stress free. They were easy to fit into a busy schedule. They still released happy, uplifting endorphins. My clients made progress towards individual goals like running a 5k, weight loss and generally feeling better. And they stuck with it for long-term results and lifestyle changes.


easy workouts with personal trainer

I hinted at it above a few times. Keep your focus on the long-term and work towards it with consistency. That does NOT mean killing yourself 7 days a week in the gym. Or cutting out every food that you love.

Instead, it means making a realistic plan for the future. A classic example can be found in weight loss. If you lose 1 pound a week. That is “only” 4 pounds in a month. That might not get you where you want to be for vacation but imagine where it could get you in a year. That would be 52 pounds lost!

I encourage you to stop setting aggressive, short-term goals that will cause you to swing in the complete opposite direction. Focus on small steps towards the big goal and be realistic about your time frame.

Here is my challenge for you. Workout only 3 days a week. Yes 3. Do it consistently week after week. For an entire year. And then try to tell me you don’t have results.

Before you turn your nose up at “doing for an entire year”, let me ask you a question. Were you really looking for something to do for 2 weeks? Wouldn’t that just lead you to looking for another answer 2 weeks from now?

If you take the challenge and workout with consistency you will be in better shape physiologically. If you ran 3 days a week your cardiovascular abilities will have improved. If you lifted weights 3 days a week your strength will have improved. If you did it off and on throughout the entire year, you will likely be close to the same place you started.

Check out my FITNESS AND LIFESTYLE journal. It has been so helpful in increasing accountability and maximizing results.


easy workouts with personal trainer

I know I am dancing around the topic of physical, visual changes. The good news is those will happen too! The bad news, depending on your expectations and perspective you may not “see” what you want.

Here is an example. If you want to have a six pack, defined arms, and strong toned thighs, but you don’t want to change your diet or do more than 30 minutes of walking 3 days a week … chances are you won’t get there in a year.

What I am talking about is your perception of yourself and what it takes to get to your goal. And the expectation you have for the work you are willing to put it in. They have to align, otherwise you will end up discouraged.

Now for an unpopular statement…

You have to actually accept yourself in order to see progress, otherwise you will also “see” yourself falling short.

It is time to have an honest conversation with yourself, or maybe several conversations. To strip away the influence you feel from media, family, friends, etc and accept yourself. Only then can you work to be the best version of YOURSELF.

I highly encourage you to read my other article,  FITNESS + WEIGHT LOSS,  to hear a little more on why weight management is so much more than just fitness + food.


easy workouts with personal trainer

If this all sounds like you then it is time for you to join our team! We have three easy go-to workouts to keep exercise a part of your routine.

Believe me, I am not here to tell you what you should be doing. I am here to offer you a solution to the problems we all face daily. Most importantly, staying focus. Keeping your priorities organized, our lives functioning and avoiding that overwhelmed feeling.

Fitness is a part of this delicate juggling act, but I want it to be a support structure. A consistent action that the rest of your life is built off of. And in order for fitness to be that foundation you have to start!

Get your 3 simple, easy workouts below and start building a foundation for your life! You will get the perfect toning, ab and glute workout to use every week for just $6.99.

They will be emailed to your inbox after you finalize your order. Be sure to follow us on Instagram (@PureFitnessWI) + Pinterest (@PureFitnessWI) for more fitness tips and workouts!

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