To II used If you have just found our website you might have missed my recent post. Top 5 Exercises for Increasing Your Distance. If you haven’t read it, take a minute and hop over there. It will best set you up to value and understand the below information.

After I released my Top 5 Exercises for Increasing Your Distance I sat back and did some more thinking. I share conversations with our trainers and ultimately decided that I should share my absolute, no questions ask, Number 1 Exercise for Club Speed and Distance.


I have spent many years training golfers to obtain this attribute. To achieve faster club speeds thus to improve distance. I have worked with some high-level golfers in which I controlled their off-season and in-season programs. Through those experiences I have developed a favorite to answer this question of what is the best exercise.

Without a doubt the number one exercise is the back squat.


A proper cycled back squat program. Designed to peak at the right time. Has shown to increase club speed within 4-6 weeks by a substantial number. It didn’t happen once, or twice. It happens every time. If I get to truly get cycle and adapt a golfer’s squat program, they will drive the ball further. Every time.

To be clear,  the exercise MUST be done correctly to get the right results. The golfer (client) must be programmed correctly, making adjustments as needed throughout the program.

You simply can’t just do a back squat at minimal weight or with improper technique and expect large increases in speed.


Here is a quick program breakdown of two top level players I have trained for the last 7 years.  I  have controlled everything they do from a strength training program intently:

  • I cycled them every 6-10 weeks, adjusting their intensity and volume throughout.
  • To maximize strength gains, I selected auxiliaries that work synergistically. Especially with the back squat.
  • I changed exercises and adapted the program as the cycle progressed to respond to their body.
  • Limitations with flexibilities were identified and monitored to ensure progress.
  • I established stability and maintained it through the entire program with proper exercise selection.

Over seven years their club speeds/ball speed were most impacted during cycles that included the back squat. No other program could come close to replicating the same results in the same time frame. 

It is without a doubt that the back squat has yielded the largest results in club speed thus allowing further distance, which is why it is my number one exercise. That being said, I certainly have seen golfers that the back squat is not appropriate for due to orthopedic limitations. I cannot stress this enough. Strength training is NOT one size fits all. The program must meet the client where they are and then be applied to get them where they want to go. 


If you are familiar with the back squat or perhaps you are already working with a trainer adding in the back squat might be easy for you. Talk to your trainer about different ways to incorporate it into your weekly training program. Remember, maximizing results from the back squat requires appropriate programing and adjustments. Just tossing it in modestly will not yield high results. 

In the event that you don’t know how to back squat or how to properly include it in your program, reach out to us for an appointment. We are eager to help you develop the distance you have always dreamed of. We work both face-to-face and in online training formats.  

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