Improve Your Posture With 30 Minutes A Week

Improve Your Posture With 30 Minutes A Week

As a trainer I see physical consistencies among my clients that mirror lifestyle. One consistency that has not changed and perhaps has gotten worse over the years is client discomfort from their workplace lifestyle. To be very clear I mean pain resulting from sitting at desk.

I am happy to report that my clients find relief from pain whether it has been happening for days, weeks, months or years. Honestly, it isn’t magic. But it is effort. Something we tend to save for precious moments in our life.

The effort I ask for is simple. Self-care in the form of foam rolling, mobility and or stretching. Asking for all three can seem daunting. And some people hate stretching. So by providing three avenues a client (and you) can use to relieve pain has proven to be very helpful.

I have a feeling you know what’s coming next.

The most EFFECTIVE way, and I am talking quickest and long lasting way, to relieve the pain is to use all three. But that brings me right back to effort and how we prioritize where our effort will be spent. Either you are in enough pain to do something about it or you are not. Don’t let any other thoughts creep in there about time and family and energy. They are all excuses.

I actually challenge you to imagine this…

  • Most pain limits activity or ability to accomplish tasks, which can appear like not having enough time. Why not take 30 minutes to relieve your pain so that you can spend the time working on projects. Or doing the things you want without pain.
  • Your pain keeps you from doing things with your family. So why not take 30 minutes to help relieve your pain so you can spend more time with your family.
  • Pain zaps our energy. It is defeating to feel a shot of pain when you try to unload the dishwasher. Why not take 30 minutes to relieve your pain so that you can use your energy on things you want and not on the pain.


What I have done is put together two thirty minute videos on recovery. Each video is targeted at areas of our body that are most commonly, and significantly, impacted by our workplace lifestyle. One video works on the hips and down. The second video works on the hips and up. These videos are suppose to help you. Provide you direction. Take away the questions of what do I do or how long do I do it for.

What I ask is that you use both of these videos once a week. I love to do recovery on Fridays and Sundays. This habit ends my week nicely and get’s me prepared for the start of the next week. Of course you can do these videos whenever it is convenient for you.

What you need is space and a few pieces of equipment or a little ingenuity. Click the links to see the products that we prefer to use. These are affiliate links. We do make a proceed off of the links if you choose to purchase, but that has no impact on the price you pay.

If you want to go ahead and do the videos without any equipment you will not be able to foam roll. So follow that link and order your foam roller. The other two items can be replaced with household items if needed. A stretching band can easily be made from a hand or beach towel and a mat can easily be replaced by soft carpeting and/or a towel. So no excuse to get started before your foam roller arrives!

Video 1: Low Back Pain Relief

With this video we work through foam rolling for the hamstrings, IT band, quads, hip flexors and glutes. Next, our focus shifts to joint mobility. This is where we try to “open up” our range of motion through movement. We use inch worms, iron cross, spiderman rotations, 90/90s, and an infant squat to achieve our goal of muscle activation for improved mobility. Finally, we wrap-up the video with band stretching focusing on hamstrings, IT band, quads, hip flexors and glutes.

Video 2: Opening Up The Chest

In our second video we shift our focus to the upper body and work to “open up” the chest. We start with foam rolling and focus on our thoracic spine, low back, lats and chest. Next we move on to mobility, once again trying to improve mobility through muscle activation. The exercises we use are side chest openers, thoracic rotations, three point foam roll, downward dog and wall slides. Finally, we wrap the video up with static stretching, much of which we use a band for.

If you found this article, read all the way to the bottom I REALLY HOPE you click on these videos and create a habit of recovering from the impact of sitting at a desk all week. Otherwise, why did you seek out the information?







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