It is the most wonderful time of the year! And I am on a mission to spread more love and joy this year than ever before. Because let’s face it, we need it. 2020 has been a bear of a year. And I enjoy the art of gift giving. I love to see the glisten in someone’s eyes or the corner of the mouth turn up as they open a gift. Which is why I have put together this fitness gifts holiday guide filled with the perfect gift for everyone in your life.

2020 Holiday Guide

Let’s get the gift giving started. I have seven guides for you! You can shop most of the items on these guides through Amazon, but unfortunately a few are not available on amazon. I would like to make a note that I fully support the idea of shopping local and shopping small. So, if you have a local running store or sports store that you can shop PLEASE DO. Take these ideas and find them at a local store 💙.

  • The Golfer
  • The Athlete
  • The Beginner
  • The Runner
  • The Home Exerciser
  • The Triathlete
  • Exercise Recovery
  • NEW!!! Small Business Gift Guide!

The Golfer – Fitness Gift Holiday Guide

This may have been the year of golf. With the pandemic forcing us to spend more time outside, which we should give thanks for, a lot of people found their way to golf. I was honestly shocked how many.

No better time than now to support someone’s new or old found love for golf with a few perfect holiday gifts. This guide is full of everything from stocking stuffers to new technology. And yes, my husband has it all or will (shhhhh) after Santa decides if he has been naughty or nice.

Ok, being married to a golfer has taught me a few things:

  1. There is no such thing as having too many golf balls. So if you need a fast and easy gift for a golfer you CANNOT go wrong with golf balls.
  2. A hat is essential. Even if a snapback or flat brim isn’t your thing, Every golfer needs a solid hat game.
  3. Tech is king. I swear every year there is something. This year it is a magnetic bluetooth speaker. Totally functional for a golfer and can be used around the house or in the garage too!

And to round this out I am going to make a really big deal about the hip circle. We are personal trainers. We have a specialized program made just for golfers. This hip circle is an essential part of that program. Flexibility and stability are two things that have an enormous and almost immediate impact on golfers. Get your golfer this band and then download our Pure Fitness Golf Method.

TaylorMade TP5 | Bluetooth Golf SpeakerStitch Club Headcovers2UNDER Golf BriefsUnder Armour Hot JacketTaylor Made Hat Black | Taylor Made Hat Black/GreyYeti Hopper Flip 8 | TheraGun Wave Roller | Hip circle | Support Local – Pure Fitness Golf Program

The Athlete – Fitness Gift Holiday Guide

This guide is for that person who never misses a workout. Who loves to talk about fitness. Who is always focused on their fitness goals. And I have a little shout out to a local protein company that we love – Pure Choice Whey.

If you need a big time splurge gift for someone special take a look at the Theragun and Airpods. Or consider buying a full outfit for your athlete, they won’t be disappointed.

  1. Clothing – you really can’t go wrong with clothing for a fitness gift. We live in our gym clothing. Huge fan of adidas. They have a really great buy back program as well that allows you to send in your used clothing and shoes for some store credit and they repurpose it. Doesn’t get much better than that.
  2.  Airpods Pro – going wireless is a must for any athlete. Giving the gift of hands free, tangle free workouts is always a win!
  3. Protein & shaker bottle – I’m willing to bet that your athlete already uses a protein or drinks a smoothie, most of us do. We love this brand Pure Choice Whey because it is exactly what it says, pure. There are no extra ingredients here. Use code Purefitness to support two small businesses – them and us! Plus you get free shipping.

Pull-Up BarShaker BottleProteinAb WheelLeggings2UNDER Golf BriefsMen’s Adidas HoodieWomen’s Adidas Crop

The Beginner – Fitness Gift Holiday Guide

Every year people decide it is time to start an exercise routine. This is a habit you WANT to support. What better way than giving them gifts to encourage their workouts to help them stay consistent? I’m not sure there is one.

These are the items that I most commonly talk to new clients about having. They help my clients stay on track, motivated and comfortable.

  • Notebook – for reflection or journaling on their progress, to track workouts and for some track their macros. Bonus is that this one has a sleek look that makes it easy to bring with you throughout the day.
  • Socks – beginning exercisers are going to be putting their feet through more stress than usual, comfortable socks are a great gift. Plus, the feeling of putting fresh socks on is motivating in itself.
  • Foam Roller – they will be sore! Learning how to foam roll and using it regularly will help them to stay consistent.

Water BottleHip CircleYoga MatFoam RollerAdidas Womens SweatshirtAdidas Mens SweatshirtJournalAirPods

The Runner – Fitness Gift Holiday Guide

This is a hot category. Especially in 2020 when so many of us took to the streets when the pandemic hit. But pandemic or not, us runners love the little things that make our runs more enjoyable. From the perfect pair of socks to tracking our every step, these gifts are guaranteed to get your runner moving. And maybe a little alone time for you 😜.

Ok, seriously. As a runner these are a few of my must have items for the winter season. If you want your runner warm, safe and motivated then check these out.

  • High visibility gear – make sure your runner is safe for those early morning or early evening (boo 👎🏻) runs.
  • Winter hat & gloves – I prefer the headband for running, but something for your ears and hands is key for any runner.
  • Garmin watch – this easy to read watch face is great for running. Super easy to read and the Garmin connect app for your phone makes accessing/interpreting data a breeze!

TheraGunFeatures Socks GreyFeatures Socks White/BlackGarmin Forerunner 235Night Running Safety LightReflective Running GearRunning GlovesRunning GlovesAdidas Running HatAdidas Running Ear Band

The Home Exerciser – Holiday Guide

If your person prefers to workout at home then look no further. This list has exactly what you need. Get them a new piece of equipment, or upgrade what they already have. Making their home gym more comfortable and functional will only increase their motivation to workout.

  • Bluetooth Speaker – mobile music for your workouts is an awesome (and generous gift). Plus it has so many functions. Use inside our out for workouts, use it for working or studying in the office, have it for music while you are cooking. It is such a wonderful, multipurpose gift.
  • Yoga Mat – essential piece of equipment for any home exerciser. They MUST have a high quality yoga mat. One that won’t fall apart or move around while they are using it. Manduka, for me, is that exact mat. It is worth every single penny!
  • Organization – nothing discourages productivity like disorganization. Help your home exerciser stay organized with a place to put their yoga mat, foam roller and other exercise equipment. Plus vertical storage is the most efficient types.

Polar WatchHip CircleYoga Mat |  TheraGun Wave RollerTRXJBL SpeakerSKLZWall Mount StorageClock |  Adidas Womens Sweatshirt |  Adidas Mens Sweatshirt

The Triathlete – Fitness Gift Holiday Guide

If there was ever a sport where you need a whole lot of things, triathlon is it. Don’t get me wrong, I love it. But was I ever surprised by all the things I needed. I should have been. Since it is three sports combined into one. Showing your triathlete some love this year by filling their stocking with some of these goodies.

  • Bike essentials – this has to be what surprised me the most, but every triathlete should have a chain cleaning kit. Taking care of your bike chain is a must, especially when you put on a ton of mileage.
  • Garmin watch – this is a cadillac model. Your triathlete can track each phase of their work and really breakdown the details. This one is on my christmas list! An upgrade to the Garmin I currently have.
  • Goodr running glasses – perfect stocking suffer for size and price. And for a running perspective they are LIGHT and motionless. Your triathlete will 100% forget they are even wearing them.

TheraGun Wave Roller |  Garmin 735XTFeatures Socks GreyFeatures Socks White/BlackChain CleanerChain LubeBody GlideHoney StingerGogglesBiking GlassesGoodr Running GlassesBike Tube Replacement Kit

Exercise Recovery – Holiday Guide

No matter what type of fitness your person does, giving them the gift of recovery is always a great idea. Last year I had several people give the TheraGun as a gift to their spouse or family. I still hear from them on how much they love it! And this year TheraGun came out with a vibrating foam roller that is to die for.

Take a peak at this list. It has all the items for your fitness person to get a better night sleep, release tight muscles and give back to their body.

  • TheraGun Wave Roller – 10 for 10 this is the highest item on my gift giving list. We just got one last week and I have used it everyday.
  • Weighted Blanket – if you haven’t heard, you are missing out. Get one for yourself while you are spreading joy.
  • Diffusor – candles can be tricky and they run out. Diffusors can provide great scents to help improve your sleep or ability to fall asleep. Plus the aesthetics of this one are spot on!

TheraGun Wave RollerTheraGunDiffusorEssential OilWeighted BlanketSleep LotionWater BottleEye maskIce PacksShaker Bottle

Wisconsin Small Business – Holiday Guide

You are encouraged to shop small every year and this year is no different. Here are a list of great small, local businesses you could support this year – especially for great stocking stuffers. Click on the business name to get more information. With these businesses being local you can likely still get your gifts in time for the Christmas holiday.

  • The Painted Acorn – perfect stocking stuffers are available here. I got a bunch of the flour sack towels for gifts! Lisa also does group craft events. Last year we did a wreath making event and it was wonderful. Keep her on your list for next year!
  • Bwidley and Company – season, festive and even appropriate dog collars. Our girl Bella has a nice wardrobe thanks to Bwidley and Company, who happens to be my Aunt.
  • Jane’s Medicinals – if you have been interested in trying CBD take a look at Jane’s Medicinals. We had an insider look at their product development and their passion and commitment to quality was incredible. Mike really likes the pre-workout!
  • Rob Baranko Art – this is a wow factor gift. And perhaps not available by Christmas, but worth reaching out. Rob has done several custom pieces for us and we are amazed each time. Click on his name and see a gallery of his artwork.
  • SHOP – a local women’s clothing boutique you have to visit! They straddle the line between classic and distinctive. You’ll find the perfect item for the woman in your life and they are located right in Shorewood.
  • Pure Choice Whey – I love this protein powder because it has minimal ingredients and dissolves so easily. Plus it is farm to shaker! Tony who runs Pure Choice is the son of a dairy farmer.  You can use code Purefitness for free shipping.