Owner / Head Trainer

Athletics have always been a part of my life, they were the foundation of my childhood and the very reason I went to college. I was the first in my family to go to college, but I went because someone told me I could play football. After a rough first year academically, and thanks to an incredible coach, I began to understand that there was more to college than just football. I found my love for athletics directly correlated to several possible degrees. While still in college I started working locally as a personal trainer, it helped me to better understand the principals I was learning in school and pay the bills. I completed a Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Exercise Physiology from Concordia University and thought I would continue to work as a personal trainer. When the opportunity to be a graduate assistant for the football team came around, I jumped for it. While in graduate school, I gave some short consideration to physical therapy, but ultimately decided I would enjoy a career in personal training more. I focused my education on individuals with chronic disease and illness as well as sports performance programing for teenage athletes because I saw a high demand for those populations to be properly evaluated and trained. Ultimately, I graduated with a Masters in Rehabilitative Sciences.


In 2011 I joined the military to pursue one of the toughest Special Forces programs in the world motivated by a desire to protect our country and a passion for loyalty. Unfortunately, I was discharged due to a medical condition that resulted during training. When I returned I knew I was returning to personal training, but the brotherhood I experienced in the military was the environment I knew I wanted to be in everyday. That’s when I knew I had to start my own gym, I had to create that atmosphere for my clients and for the trainers and I had to do it through building relationships and administering the highest quality training practices.


As the PF Family has grown so has our passion. We are more than personal trainers, we are highly qualified and specialized trainers that know how to treat the body as a whole to help improve performance and reduce discomfort. My passion for golf and powerlifting has lead us to launch a golf specific program called, Forged Golf and Fitness, and our powerlifting program and relationship with USA Powerlifting. With over 15 years of training experience, ranging from teenage athletes to individuals 80 years of age with multiple medical conditions, and my education, I can ensure your safety and the effectiveness of your program.


Credentials & Certifications

  • Master Degree in Rehabilitative Science & Muscle Physiology (2010)
  • Undergraduate Degree in Exercise Physiology (2006)
  • TPI – Titleist Performance Institute – Golf Specific Strength & Conditioning (2016)
  • CSCS – Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (2005)
  • USA Powerlifting Coaching Certification (2016)

Professional Accomplishments

  • Coached for Team USA at the Open World Championships in Prague, Czech Republic where the Women’s team took home 1st place (2017)
  • Coached for Team USA at the Junior/Sub-Junior World Championships in Orlando, FL (2017)
  • Coached Team Pure Fitness to a 1st place finish at USA Powerlifting Equipped Nationals (2016)
  • Coached for Team USA at the North American Powerlifting Championships (2016)
  • Coached Team Pure Fitness to a 2nd place finish at USA Powerlifting Equipped Nationals (2015)
  • Designed and implemented strength and conditioning programs for male and female teams and athletes at both the high school and collegiate levels

Personal Accomplishments

  • 4 Year Football Athlete at Concordia University – Wisconsin
  • National Powerlifting Champion & World Team Alternate (2006)

“Our family has been working with Mike for the past 10 years.  In addition to helping us create and reach personal fitness goals, Mike has been able to help with sciatic pain, back and knee issues. Mike applies his Exercise Physiology degree to individualize workouts that are incredibly challenging, but worth the time.  He can relate to people of all ages and makes exercise FUN!”