Powerlifting with Pure Fitness is not what you might expect, we take a unique approach to training that isn’t found at most gyms. It is important to understand that we are not open to the public. Meaning, you cannot buy a monthly or annual membership to train at Pure Fitness for anything, powerlifting included. All of our clients are scheduled for specific times and dates to allow for the best training & coaching possible. We choose this approach because we aren’t looking to run a powerlifting gym, we are looking to make a positive impact on athletes performance. And it is our belief, based on our education and experience, that taking a hands on approach to client training is essential to improving athletic performance.

Written programs are utilized for all of our powerlifting clients due to the sport’s demand for regular training and client budget, schedule and lifestyle. Our style of programming is not a good fit for everyone, but it does yield results at the highest level. Technology allows us to work with a large population of people from down the street to in another state. We have found that as long as you have a passion for the sport and stay true to your commitment to us there are no barriers to success.

We are hosting one USA Powerlifting sanctioned event in 2022. April 2nd (WI-2022-04).


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