This service is specific to an athlete or a group of athletes starting at the middle school age and older. In this atmosphere you will be challenged each and every time you step into the building with very concise goals and implementation of programs that will be specifically designed for your sport and its movements. With my experience in collegiate athletics and competing at a national level, you can be assured you will get the best program design specifically for you. Each program is safe and effective for all age groups and is strictly based off of age appropriate movements and individual skill level. Each program can be designed to work in conjunction with any high school program that you may already be involved with as well as focusing in your offseason and in season design to optimize performance and results. The contacts that I have made over my experience range from physical therapists, athletic trainers, individuals in the Special Forces, and other strength and conditioning specialists at the professional level that I regularly speak with regarding the newest training techniques and principles that are used and successful. This is a very fun and challenging environment in which you will see much success from the work that is put in. Not only will you get great instruction, you will also learn a tremendous amount in doing things the right way every time. Those that have interest at playing a sport at the collegiate level will be much further ahead if joining this atmosphere because the techniques and principles that are used at Pure Fitness are used at all major Colleges through the Professional levels. You will be taught the right way every time, and held to a high standard that will allow you to see dramatic improvements at whatever stage you are in and at any skill level.


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