I have heard a lot of people talk about baking with whey protein powder. But I haven’t truly baked with it before. I love to make smoothies with my Pure Choice Whey, but that is where it starts and ends.

You can find My Easy Green Smoothie To Keep You Full Recipe here – I always use Pure Choice Whey.

So I set out on a mission with the help of Jane to find some recipes and tips and figure this protein baking game. 

My biggest fear was that baking with whey protein would require some adjustments of dry and wet ingredients. That was intimidating. And in my opinion often what made the protein snack not takes very good. 


Jane did a little research and found four recipes for us to start with. I reviewed those recipes and decided on a cookie and a muffin. Both of which I love with a cup of coffee.

And finding a fast and convenient way to include protein first thing in the morning was exactly what I needed. 

Here are the two recipes we started from 

A lot of the recipes we found, including these, had a gluten free and/or dairy free angle. That’s not my jam so I (tried) to make adjustments. I’ll give the full details below. 


One of the recipes we looked at did a fantastic job of educating us on how baking with protein powder impacts a recipe. The blog was written by two dietitians who offered complete information on the difference between pea, whey and soy protein. 

We combined what they told us with what we learned from baking and here are our biggest take aways.

  1. A common problem with baking with why protein is that the food turns into hockey pucks. Covering your baked goods with aluminum foil for the first half helps to prevent early browning. And thus avoiding a symptoms of the hockey puck. 
  2. Bake longer and lower. Drop your oven temperature and use stone cookware that takes longer to heat up. Whey protein has a tendency to dry out. Maintaining moisture in your baked goods is a must. 
  3. No recipe is created equal. You may have to try a lot fo find the one you want. And you will find many use peanut butter because it adds moisture and covers flavoring well.

I forgot to cover our muffins – they were hard on the outside and drier than I would have wanted. So next time, aluminum foil will be an absolute must. 

I don’t own a ceramic muffin tin to cook in, but this is the first time I can 100% say it makes sense to buy one 😁.

Both of the recipes we used had peanut butter, And actually everyone we looked at did too. 


As I said before we didn’t stick to the recipe precisely. Here are the changes we made.

Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chip Protein Cookie

  • It calls for coconuts sugar we used their modification for light brown sugar. But, If my mom didn’t live here I would have used white sugar. 
  • We did a 1/2 measure of whey, but you should use a food scale and find the exact grams. Which in this case was 36 grams. That will have a big impact on the recipe outcome.
  • Coconut flour is preferred to any other type of flour for a gluten free cookie. I used bread floor because the batter was so moist and sticky it seemed impossible that they would turn out. 
  • It calls for 3 TBSP of chocolate chips… I would use more 🙃.
  • I also had to bake them for about 4 minutes longer than suggested. Now, I use a very thick cookie sheet, which always has an impact on bake time. So take that with a grain of salt. 


Chocolate Chip Protein Muffins (flourless)

  • The recipe calls for rolled oats or oat flour, but thats not something I would keep on hand because I don’t bake/cook gluten free. I substituted bread flour for a denser muffin. However I forgot to account for how much more moisture bread flour needs, so they muffins where a little dry. 
  • Once again, if a recipe gives you a cup measurement and grams, use a food scale measure your grams.
  • I used dark chocolate chips versus dairy free, I don’t think it effected the recipe.
  • The recipe says bake for 18 to 22 minutes. I picked the middle and baked for 20, but I think I should have first  covered the muffins with aluminum foil for half the time and checked them at 18 minutes.

Although mike wasn’t a fan of the peanut butter cookies, I would make both of these recipes again. I enjoy having something sweet with my coffee a few days a week, and it’ s a huge bonus that these have some protein.



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