The concept of a smart watch is nothing new to the world. You look around and almost every person has this technology sitting on their wrist. But how do you know which one to choose? And why would you even want one? If you have one, how do you use it to contribute to your health and fitness journey? Hopefully sharing my experience will help answer all your questions.

To start, I want to make it clear that I am not being sponsored by Apple and I am not here to sell you on anything. As with any post here we aim to share our experience with you and help you in your health and fitness journey. If an Apple watch can help you do that, you might want to invest! Some of the links in this article are commission links, which means I am paid if you order through my link. There is no extra cost to you and your support is appreciated!

Take a look at your Apple Watch options here.


apple watchI am a person that always likes to be in the know. I don’t like surprises and I like to plan ahead. Having a  smart watch that allows me to always have my notifications on my wrist when walking away from my phone. This may make me sound addicted to my phone, but I have found it extremely helpful when something important comes up. This is all going to depend on your personality, a lot of which has to do with your response to expectations. If you are an Obliger, you may really need this outside accountability. Read more about what an Obliger and the other 4 tendencies need here.

The reason I went for the Apple Watch vs other brands was mainly for the connection to other apple products I own. It can directly take calls, texts, and other notifications so that when I am working out, I don’t have to interrupt what I am doing to check my phone. It also pairs well with my Airpods (here are When I am working out, I can pause music, change a song or adjust the volume right from my watch!

At this point I know this sounds basically like a commercial for the apple watch. I am not here to sell you on a product, but I do want you to know the benefits of owning this product from a health perspective. The hardest part of any fitness endeavor is getting started and much like a trainer, the apple watch can provide that extra accountability.


fitness lifestyleIt has now become habit to put it on in the morning and if I forget I feel like I am missing something the whole day! This watch has become great asset in my training as I am able to time isometric exercises, keep tabs on time without having to glance at the clock and can even check the date/weather if my clients ask (because they do 😊). This makes it easy without having to feel like I am taking time and attention away from the client.

I am on the move most of the day. However, there are times in between training where work needs to be done on the computer. This can lead to me sitting down for hours at a time somedays. It is great to have reminders from my watch to stand up and move around if I have been still too long. I imagine if I had a more permanent desk job that this would come in handy. If you are in need other tips on staying active in your desk job, read more on incorporating movement into your 9-5 here. You can even get different bands to match your nicer work clothes or flow with your workout. Here is the one I find perfect for my lifestyle.

And this is another reason I love the Apple watch. Very functional for my job and lifestyle, but also functional to be used in multiple areas of my lifestyle. Here are my outfit details:


My favorite part of this outfit has to be my leggings. All of Aerie’s activewear is right on the line of comfortable and cute! I feel like they always stay up with the trends and offer great colors that fit into my pretty neutral closet. These ones are so soft and fit me better than a lot of other leggings.

As I said, I love to be in the know and one thing I am always curious about is how many steps I take in a day. It is recommended that to maintain an active lifestyle, a person must take 10,000 steps per day. Especially on non-training days this feature on the watch becomes increasingly important to keep me accountable. I think for anybody looking to start their fitness journey, it can be a great tool to remind you to stay active.


fitness lifestyle personal trainerMy personal favorite feature of the apple watch that I would say is my most used is the activities feature. On the watch you have 3 rings to close. One is your stand goal, which means you’re on your feet for a couple minutes at least 12 different hours in the day. This is the one most useful to those of you with desk jobs.

Another ring is the move goal ring. Based on your heart rate, steps and exercise throughout the day the Apple Watch tracks how many calories you burn in a day. You can set this to whatever number you want and it can be adjusted at any point. This can be especially helpful if you are trying to track your calories in versus out. KEEP IN MIND: this is not a completely accurate number and weight loss is more than just diet and exercise. There is much more to life than tracking everything you do. Read more about the factors that go into weight loss here.

The last ring that I like the best is the exercise ring. The apple watch so many options to choose from to track your workout. From outdoor walking to core training to dancing to even swimming, the apple has different workout settings based on your activity type. I find this extremely useful because I feel like it is accurately detecting my energy output for the exact workout I am doing. You can set it for a certain amount of time, calories burned, or even set a certain distance you want to hit. To close the ring, you have to get 30 minutes of activity a day.


apple watch styledAs discussed, there are many different settings that the exercise ring has on your Apple Watch. Knowing what setting to use with each workout is going to make sure you are getting best use out of the watch. Here are my top 5 exercise settings on the watch and my favorite ways to use them!


Yes, there is a setting specifically designated to one of my favorite forms of training! The heart rate monitor can be extremely helpful in knowing if you are giving it your all in the periods of high intensity! Read more about the parameters of HIIT training here. Workout below!

Traditional/Functional Strength Training

For most of the workouts we do here I use one of these two settings. Traditional is going to be more a workout with a little heavier weight (like squat or bench), while functional is going to be more for workouts with dumbbells and bands and even bodyweight. A great workout to use for the Functional setting is below. Some more at-home ideas are listed here.

Core Training

Yes I know no one is surprised. I love training my core! I love this setting because often times core training doesn’t cause the biggest spike in heart rate. So my watch knows I am still working out even when I am holding a plank. I will even switch to this setting after being in a different one! Read more about why core training is important here. Workout below!

Outdoor/Indoor Walk

This one is pretty straight forward and self-explanatory. But getting outside and taking a walk with my pup Ollie is one of the best parts of my day! It keeps me active and allows me to track how far we walk to keep his walks consistent! There is also an indoor walk setting (like a treadmill) that can be great for a quick break. Workout below!

Mixed Cardio

One of my favorite settings to use when doing a bit of everything in my workout. Sometimes my workout will consist of intervals on the treadmill while lifting in-between, so I find this one to be pretty accurate. Workout below!

I absolutely love my Apple Watch, but I understand that this is not for everyone. Maybe you have a different smart watch you love to use. Comment below and let us know what your love about yours!

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