Written programs are available for our clients that need a more focused at home workout, travel frequently or are looking to save some money. Each program is customized to the individual’s fitness goals and current fitness condition. Taking into consideration any restrictions to ensure a safe and effective program.  Prior to any development of a written program an assessment pertaining to important health history concerns and background will be covered, then used to build the foundation of your written program. This is much different than the majority of the “standard” fitness assessments that are most often not tailored to individual needs and goals.

Pure Fitness offers three different written program packages, Starter, Intermediate and Complete. Depending on the amount of help you want or need in weight training, cardiovascular training and nutritional guidance we have a program that is right for you. All packages come with at least one session to teach and educate you on the movements and techniques that are included in your written program.

The next step is to call us today to set up your initial assessment and then start your written workout to see and feel the changes that you are looking for finally take shape in your life. You will have all the tools along with the instruction to be successful, so lets make it happen!