Large Group training – is designed for a maximum of 10 people to work together, but at their own individual pace. This atmosphere allows for an encouraging environment, creates accountability, and gives you the opportunity to push yourself harder. Pure Fitness’ programming combines strength and cardio training in a 50 minute session. Each training session alternates the focus between upper and lower body strength training, while always meeting our minimum of 300 core repetitions. We cycle our programming to ensure that you see results and the training sessions stay fun and engaging.

Our large studio space and ample equipment gives you plenty of room to do your work without having to feel you are right on top of your workout partners. We utilize a combination of free weights, barbells, cable machines, and TRX among other tools. More importantly we provide detailed instructions on how to use the equipment to ensure safety and effectiveness. Group training can be a challenging and intense setting, but it is scaled to your fitness level. If you have any limitations or pain with exercise or movement please have an in-depth, honest discussion with the Pure Fitness trainer. For this reason prior to participation, a consultation will take place to cover important factors regarding health history and desired goals to each individual.

Strength Focus – Tuesday/ Thursday 6 am & 7 am

Cardio Focus – Monday/ Wednesday 11 am (only through April 2018)