Group training – is designed for a maximum of 10 people to work together, but at their own individual pace. These classes are a great option for budget conscious people who are looking for a safe an effective way to train. The group atmosphere allows for an encouraging environment, creates accountability, and gives you the opportunity to push yourself harder. We offer various classes throughout the year designed around strength, cardio and flexibility. Read below for the available classes and use the contact form to sign-up.

Strength Training (high intensity)

Tu/Th  7 am | Trainer: Chellie
3 person minimum*, 8 person maximum.
Open to anyone 16 years and older.
*Class time is dependent on a 3 person minimum.

Everyday you are hit with numerous advertisements for fitness trends. We hear them too, but we don’t listen. Instead, we focus on the science behind exercise – conveniently called, exercise science. What we have developed is a class built on proven strength training principles, that gives you the most for your time. This is a fast paced classes that alternates bouts of high intensity movement and recovery based movement to improve strength, endurance and confidence.  We encourage people of all levels and experience to join, while also encouraging you to move at your pace. The only competition is the one you have with yourself.

CCF – Corrective exercises, Core & Flexibility

Tu 9 am, F 7:00 am | Trainer: Dan
3 people minimum*, 8 people maximum.
Open to anyone 16 years and older.
*Class times are dependent on 3 person minimum

CCF is a new class at Pure Fitness and something we are very passionate about. We believe that if you move better, you live better. Throughout our individual careers as trainers we have heard multiple times that people stop exercising because of pain, or never even start. We truly believe that by using corrective exercises, appropriate core activation and applying the basics of flexibility training you can minimize and even eliminate their daily discomfort. What is even more incredible, is that your performance in sports, life and hobbies will also improve. CCF is a good fit for anyone. And likely something you are missing.


Stay tuned for more group classes to be announced shortly. We are looking to offer a stretching class, a golf specific class and speed & agility classes for youth athletes. Send us an email and let us know what classes you would like us to offer.