Group training – is designed for a maximum of 10 people to work together, but at their own individual pace. These classes are a great option for budget conscious people who are looking for a safe an effective way to train. The group atmosphere allows for an encouraging environment, creates accountability, and gives you the opportunity to push yourself harder. We offer various classes throughout the year designed around strength, cardio and flexibility. Read below for the available classes and use the contact form to sign-up.

Cardio Interval Series #2

M/W 7 am, noon & 6 pm* | May 14th – August 15th (no May 28th or July 4th)
4 people minimum, 10 people maximum.
Open to anyone 16 years and older.
*Class times are dependent on 4 person minimum

 A full 50 minute workout that uses a combination of cardio equipment, body weight exercises and light resistance based movements to deliver a total body workout and highly effective cardiovascular training. Participants will move at their own pace, finding that sweet spot just outside of comfortable and well in front of I hate my life.
Youth Summer Agility Training

Mondays 10 am or 11 am* | June 18th – July 30th (no 7/2)
4 people minimum, 8 people maximum.
Open to children youth & high school students.
*Class times are dependent on 4 person minimum

The goal of our Speed & Agility class is to teach the correct technical movement to maximize the efforts that your athletes are already giving. We draw a hard line between speed & agility training and conditioning. They are two different training disciplines that carry areas of overlap, but should be programmed separately for maximum results. When speed & agility training is implemented incorrectly the end result is a conditioning workout, not improvement of the technical skills required to, for example, change direction quickly.
Strength Training – Powerlifting

Tu/Th 6-7:30 pm | June 26th – August 25th
3 person minimum*, 9 person maximum.
Open to anyone 16 years and older.
*class time is dependent on a 3 person minimum.

Our Powerlifting based Strength Training class will cover the three main lifts in powerlifting; squat, bench and deadlift and will culminate in your participation in our August 25th meet. The objective of this class is to teach you how to appropriately prepare for and succeed in a meet in the USA Powerlifting federation. We will cover everything from program design and lifting technique to technical rules in this 9 week meet prep class. If you are a new lifter or are looking for a new way to train for top end strength this class is for you!