Training with Pure Fitness is not the same as at an average gym. We only allow a small number of athletes to train at our facility at one time. We use a combination of written programming and face-to-face training to execute our program design. If you are interested in training with Pure Fitness please fill out this contact form or give us a call 262.993.0583.

Who is the Pure Fitness Powerlifiting Coach? Meet Michael Steinmetz. Mike brings to the table extensive personal experience and knowledge in the field of powerlifting and strength and conditioning. As competitive power lifter, Mike has multiple personal state and national titles. From a coaching perspective he has helped athletes become state champions, national champions and world champions. From an education stand point, Mike has his Masters in Rehabilitative Sciences with a focus on Sports Performance Programs. Read his full bio here.

2017 National Team Individual Winners: 1st Camryn Ochs (72kg Sub-Junior equipped), 1st Lauren Lent (57kg Junior equipped), 2nd Declan Dilley (120+ kg Junior equipped)

2017 World Team: Coach Mike Steinmetz, as an assistant coach on Team USA, helped the Women’s Open team clench a World Championship in Prague, Czech Republic.

2016 National Team Results: 1st Combined Team, 1st Mixed Men’s Team, 3rd Men’s Open Team

2015 National Team Results: 2nd Open Combined Team