Sometimes we can take for granted the fact that we own our gym and get to control the music. We forget that not everyone has that luxury.

As we work our way through our 5 Week Online Training Program we realized that music IS the missing component. That is why we have created 3 playlists for you to use. They are each 30 minutes long. Convenient since ALL of the workouts are 30 minutes 😃

I had a ton of fun creating these playlists. Strolling down memory lane. Reaching out to friends and family to get their opinion. But the hardest part was creating workout playlists that were only 30 minutes long. I know that there are plenty of songs not on these lists. But I had to start somewhere and this is where we are.

I hope you enjoy these and they fuel you through your next workout!

Workout Playlist 1

Blessed to be in my 30s my FIRST thought was to do a throwback playlist. Thank goodness for my good friend Kelley as she helped me define the list even further. Total Request Live. If you were exploring your youth in the 90s and early 2000s you know exactly what I mean – TRL.

Man was this hard! I hit the 30 minute mark so quickly. Then I had to try and break-up with songs for other songs and it was a mess. The extended version of this list could fill hours of music for an epic backyard barbecue, a long road trip, or spectacular dinner party with old school friends.

I would suggest looking at the 90s Smash Hits playlist to get the full impact of how awesome the 90s were. And take a quick look at MTV’s TRL Hits playlist for even more 90s happiness.

Check out our Total Request Live 30 Min Workout playlist.

And if you are looking for some great workouts you can look at this list of EMOM workouts. EMOM stands for every minute on the minute and gives a feeling of complete exhaustion as you push yourself to keep moving the entire time. Perfect workout to go with the TRL playlist.

Workout Playlist 2

I was raised by some musically kind parents. Besides my mom’s brief dip into smooth jazz, I was never irrationally upset or annoyed by their music choices. They always play classic rock and country rock – Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, The Eagles, The Moody Blues, Creedence Clearwater Revival, and more. For that I am grateful.

To this day I appreciate listening to classic rock. Once, my mom and I drove to Canada (over two full days of driving) and never changed the radio station from Classic Vinyl. I can’t say there are many genres I could do that with.

Check out our Classic Rock 30 Min Workout playlist.

Get a few great workouts to do while listening to our classic rock playlist here on our at home workout article. Plenty of new workouts for you to keep yourself consistent and working towards your personal fitness goals.

Workout Playlist 3

Well here I found myself delighted at the prospect of putting together a playlist of female pop icons. If the first two playlists didn’t teach me the difficulty in narrowing down songs to 30 minutes this one did. I had so many artists on my list before I even started selecting songs.

What I need is a 30 minute remix of all of the artists, not the full song. Alas, I am not that talented. I wouldn’t have a clue where to start. So for you I selected a few of the artists that I hold most dear. Artists that I feel like give me the energy to crush my workout and fuel my life.

Check out our Female Pop Icon 30 Min Workout playlist.

For some great exercises take a look at our muscle group series where we cover the best exercises for a specific area. Some of my favorites are the glutes, obliques and triceps. In these articles we cover top exercises to target the specific muscle group and provide you with workout videos you can follow along with.


I can’t create workout playlists without hitting the 90s Hip Hop. Honestly, some of my best workouts in the recent past have been fueled by 90s Hip Hop, especially at 5 am on a stationary bike.

So for your benefit I have included some of my absolute favorite 90s Hip Hop songs. I hope they inspire more work, more sweat and more effort at your next workout. I also enjoy these as I get ready for date night. Maybe that’s just me 😜

Let’s be clear here. This playlist is explicit. Not for the faint of heart or anyone working out around children.

Check out our 90s Hip Hop 30 Min Workout playlist.

You should check out our small space workouts to get a good burn while you listen to our hip hop playlist. Jane put these workouts together to give everyone something to do no matter their equipment, space or skill level. Make sure you bookmark these workouts for the future.


I had the HARDEST time doing the female pop icon playlist. Turns out I fell right down the rabbit hole. Overcome with nostalgia for the artists, their songs and my memories. Since I feel like I shouldn’t HAVE to choose I just made another playlist with all the other ladies I don’t want to be forgotten.

To be honest, this still doesn’t do them justice. However, it is better than only 1 list. Enjoy!

Check out our Female Pop Icon 30 Min Workout Part 2 playlist.

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