Doctors Park – Bayside, Wisconsin

Doctors Park – Bayside, Wisconsin

Summer time in Wisconsin is like nothing else. We wait all year long for the long days, sunshine, festivals and patios. I try to get every second out of everyday. Part of that means taking my girl Bella, the pit bull, on long walks and hikes at local and state parks. She’s a fair weather dog, so we have a short window when it isn’t too hot, too cold, too windy, too wet, too snowy, to get our walks in.

If you read our Wisconsin Hiking – Friday FavoritesΒ then you know we put a list together of our favorite hikes near and far. If you haven’t checked out that article I would highly suggest it. One of those hikes could be just what you need!

🌳 Doctors Park 🌳

We (Jane, Bella & I) went to Doctors Park in Bayside and spent almost 2 hours hiking around – not easy to do when you are 7 or 8 months pregnant and everything is stairs and hills. But, we prevailed and Jane was patient with me as I panted by way up the hills & stairs.

One of the things I love about this place, besides proximity, is “amenities”. There is a playground near the parking lot and plenty of open space and picnic tables. Perfect for family or friend gatherings – summers go hand in hand with BBQs.

I spent so much of my time as a kid on playgrounds. We were fortunate to live down the street from one and I spent many days playing on that thing. Not to mention the playground at school – hot lava was my jam! I know COVID-19 has changed a lot of things in our world today, but I was happy to see a few families there. And before I get yelled at, they were observing social distancing and I saw every family with hand sanitizer.

Jane and I ventured down to the water on every path we could. When we finally walked along the beach path it was beautiful. However, it was also a challenge because of leaning trees and debris. I would highly recommend you go down there, but be prepared to climb over, under and around.

🍍 What we Brought πŸ₯œ

For a hike like this, frequently passes back by our car or a loop format, I don’t usually carry anything. It just isn’t necessary in my opinion. Doctors Park is also a very popular location and that day was no exception. I was also not alone. We had each other to help in case anything happened.

That being said, we did pack some items to keep at the car for when we were done. Water & treats for Bella. Water, fruit & nuts for us. Just a light snack since we went in the morning and pregnant Chellie eats on regular intervals!







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