For companies looking for a long-term corporate wellness program at their facility or contract with our gym we offer small-group training sessions for as few people as 3 and as many as 10. The training sessions are scheduled for an hour, but the actual work time lasts 50 minutes, leaving 10 minutes at the end for questions, additional stretching or other necessary items. We can train 2 – 4 days a week at our facility or at an onsite gym or conference room.

Pure Fitness is a fully functioning gym meaning we have free weights, barbells, cable machines, leg press, trx, med balls, various cardio machines and more. We are by appointment only so our corporate clients are training privately and comfortably. If we go on site for training we occasionally bring with equipment to mix up the workouts, but primarily we use what is available onsite or ask the clients to bring their own equipment. We also have one shower on site for clients to use after workouts.

Our training is designed by our highly educated trainers with the intention of helping your employees live a healthier, pain free lifestyle. What you will experience is nothing like your typical ‘Body Pump’ or group workout program. The bulk of your time is spent resistance training using a variety of training styles and mediums that will best help transform your body composition and elevate your fitness level. Each client will have to fill out a health history form and go through a phone or face-to-face consultation before the start of training to review and discuss their current health and goals. Included in the corporate wellness program is a personalized nutrient timing outline and cardio program to help guide the client outside of training.

We offer 3 month, 6 month and 1 year agreements for the small-group corporate training. Prices per person for training vary depending on the number of training sessions per week and the duration of the agreement.

The next step is to contact us to discuss how you can build your company’s personalized wellness program today!