5 Favorite Recovery Videos

One of the most under-rated elements of health, in my opinion, is recovery. Whether it is nutrition, hydration, stretching or mobility, the way you take care of your body post-workout is just as, if not more, important than the workout itself. For more on what to eat, drink, and the tools you need check out Chellie’s recovery tips! Taking the time out of your day for 20 minutes of stretching or mobility can make a world of difference when it comes to your overall well-being. It can be the difference between a day full of discomfort or a day getting to get things done pain free. Here are some of our top five recovery videos to incorporate into your weekly workout routine. Click the titles to be taken to full videos! 1️⃣ Low Back Pain Relief I love this one because this is one of the most common problems in our world today. This video guides you through 3 different methods to releasing this tension. Discover more about how to cut it off at the source. 2️⃣ Functional Friday If you have a bit more time on a weekend day and need to give your body some TLC check out this video! The focus is on core and mobility to lengthen your muscles and reach full range of motion. 3️⃣ Recovery with Annie I may be bias, but this one if full of some of my favorite recovery exercises that I use often! If you have tight hips or shoulders, this one will be sure to hit those areas. 20 minutes and all you need is a band or...

Back to School: What’s In My Backpack

I think school is more fun with a little investment in organization & fun colors. And the color coating of my studies helps me retain the information. Obviously, we all learn differently, but if you haven’t tried organized note taking click the links below and order yourself some new supplies for the year!

From the Garden: Zucchini

Have you ever had 17 zucchini at the same time and no idea what to do with them? Does that happen to you every freakin’ year? I hear ya. Here are three easy and delicious recipes

Back to School Must Haves

With a new semester starting (and it being my last semester – YES!) I thought I would share some of my school essentials. I have been using most of them every year. But as always, we find good or better options as time goes on. These are my MUST HAVE back to school essentials.

Wellness Wednesday: Workout Recovery

There is a lot of information out there saying drink this, eat that and promising some incredible results for sports performance and weight loss. In fact there is so much information that I think we have actually lost sight of food. We have lost sight of the joy of cooking. The joy of sharing a table with family and friends. The joy of food.

Home Gym Must Haves

Pandemic + a new baby… These are my Must Have items in my home gym. It isn’t fancy and it doesn’t take up a lot of room. But they will give you a killer workout and the ability to vary your workout significantly. 

From the Garden: Tomatoes

I found what I considered the easiest, delicious and guaranteed to get used recipes for my tomatoes. Outside of slicing an heirloom tomato on some fresh buttered bread, these are my three go to recipes.

4 Week Workout Program: 15 in 30

Our NEWEST 4 week challenge. 15 workouts in 30 days! Follow along with 5 upper body, 5 lower body and 5 core workouts to give yourself a little love in the next 4 weeks.

From the Garden: Basil

After preparing the basil the process is really simple. You need garlic, parmigiano, pine nuts, salt and olive oil. The better quality your ingredients the better flavors you will have.


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