I have been helping golfers of all skill levels achieve their goals for 20 years. In those years of coaching golfers, I developed many strategies that facilitate this process. In 2005, I developed Total Golf,  a wholistic approach to golf development. It addresses the players Mental Approach, Fitness, Swing Mechanics and Equipment. I found, through years of experience, that addressing all of these areas at once is definitely the best way to make dramatic and long lasting improvements on golf performance. 

My philosophy became, “if you move better, you will play better and you will live better”.

In 2011, I met Mike Steinmetz, owner of Pure Fitness Mequon. Mike’s incredible talent for training and motivation was the perfect compliment to Total Golf. Over the next few years we worked together to develop a program that brings tour level training to every golfer. Now, in 2018, Forged Golf and Fitness is ready to take your game to a level you could have only dreamed about.

Stop learning golf in a bubble and start developing your whole game.

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