5 Simple Exercises to do at Work for Posture

by: Dan Karrels, Personal Trainer & Certified Athletic Trainer

Chin Tucks

Sit up straight with good posture and relax your shoulders. Keeping the shoulders relaxed pull your chin straight back like you are giving yourself a double chin. Your eyes should continue facing straight forwards and should not tilt downwards or upwards.

Seated Angels

Sit straight up with good posture and bend your elbows at your sides to 90 degrees with your palms facing up in front of you. Maintain good posture and relaxed neck/shoulders while rotating your arms to bring your hands out to your side. Make sure to brace your core so you do not arch your back while doing this. 

Doorway Pec Stretch

In a doorway, place your elbows on the doorframe at shoulder height or slightly lower and rest your hands on the doorframe above your elbows. While keeping your shoulders relaxed and down, slowly step through the doorway until you feel a gently stretch through your chest and front of your shoulders. Make sure you are keeping the shoulders anchored down and you are not over arching your back. 

Standing Hamstring Stretch

Place your foot with the toe up on your chair or desk with your leg locked out straight. The height should allow you to still stand up perfectly straight with the foot you are standing on facing straight at well and not turned out. If you do not feel a stretch at this point, slowly hinge forwards at your hips without bending your back to increase the stretch. 

Doorway Hip Extension

Stand straight up with the back of one hip against a doorframe with space for the other leg to move backwards. Maintain a neutral pelvis while you extend the one leg/hip not against the doorframe behind you. Focus on squeezing your glute as you extend your leg and be sure to not arch your lower back.


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